1. cyrus the great
    founder of archaemenian dynasty and persian empire greatest political leader
  2. darius
    administration of persian empire
  3. zoroaster
    personality history of religions of the world
  4. chaldeans
    last great group of semitic people to rule meso potamia
  5. nebuchadnezzar
    great king of babylon who conqured syria israel rebuilt babylon power
  6. persians
    last great empire of mesopotamia
  7. diaspora
    dispersion of jewish people
  8. philistines
    coastal group that controlled the coastal area of palestine put down by david
  9. gebeil (byblos)
    oldest city in world
  10. assyria
    originally a colony of babylonia became a conquring power named after its capital
  11. solomon
    considered the wisest of all kings of israel coronated while david was still alive
  12. ashurbanipal
    last great king of assyria first systematically collected library
  13. samuel
    judge prophet anointed saul as king
  14. saul
    first king of jews
  15. jabesh
    city saved by saul thus making him a national figure
  16. jonothan
    son of saul was supposed to becomme king but died when saul did
  17. ishboseth
    most senior of sauls remaing sons un prepaired to become king
  18. abner
    sauls right hand man and uncle made ishboseth king but actually run country himself
  19. joab
    davids top military general
  20. david
    greatest of all kings of israel
  21. bethlehem
    city in which samuel went to find david
  22. goliath
    very large philistine soldier killed by david
  23. bathsheba
    david saw this married woman in a bath house and eventually got her pregnant
  24. uriah
    husband of bathsheba sent off to be killed in battel
  25. amnon
    son of davids half sister killed by his half brother absalom
  26. adonijah
    davids son who had a coronation outside jerusalem with joabs help
  27. ark of covenant
    where god lived on earth
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