Lamb to the Slaughter

  1. Protagonist
    Mary Malony
  2. Antagonist
    The police
  3. central conflict
    person vs person
  4. inciting moment
    mary kills patrick
  5. climax
    when the police eat the lamb
  6. resolution
    mary giggles
  7. When patrick comes home what is he doing?
    • he is acting different
    • drinking alot
    • doesnt want to go out to eat
    • he is about to do something he doesnt want to do
  8. What does he tell her?
    we do not know for sure but if we guessed he wants a divorce
  9. how does mary react?
    • she is calm and asks what he wants for dinner
    • she is pretending that he didnt say that
  10. What does Mary do next?
    goes to the cellar brings up a lamb leg and kills patrick with it
  11. What is mary concerned about after she kills him?
    • her unborn child
    • she thinks the police will execute her
    • she covers up the murder to protect the child
  12. Where does she go
    to the store
  13. What does she do when she gets home?
    cries on patricks body
  14. What happens when the police come over?
    • Mary says she was at the store
    • police interview the butcher at the store
    • he says she was acting normal
  15. Police want to try and find the murder weapon. where is it?
    in the oven
  16. mary asks the police what?
    to stay for dinner \
  17. what do the cops say while they are eating?
    the murder weapon could be right under their nose
  18. what is mary doing in the other room
  19. theme
    if one is clever enough one can get away with murder
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