There will come soft rains

  1. Protagonist?
  2. Antagonist
    The fire
  3. Central Conflict
    Person vs nature
  4. Inciting moment
    tree falls on house
  5. climax
    house falls down
  6. resolution
    wall recites date
  7. The house is a what?
    smart house
  8. Where and when does this take place?
    Allendale, California August 4th 2026
  9. What cleans the floors?
    little machine mice
  10. where does the dirt go?
  11. outside of the house what does it look like?
    burned/ a ruined city/ gave off a radioactive glow
  12. What is the silhouette on the outside of the house?
    Woman picking flowers, man mowing and kids playing ball
  13. What is the house compared to?
    an altar
  14. What is on the porch at twelve noon?
    skinny, beat up dog
  15. the house lets the dog in?
  16. what does the dog do?
    curls up by the kitchen door and dies
  17. What does the house ask?
    What poem the lady would liked to hear before sh egoes to bed
  18. what is the reply?
    nothing because everyone is dead
  19. what poem does the house pick?
    there will come soft rains
  20. What happens to the house?
    a fire starts
  21. If the fire destroyes the attic it destroys...
    the house
  22. the house burns down and the wall remaining does what?
    repeats the date "Today is August 5th 2026 """"..."
  23. What is the theme?
    Nature will continue without humans
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There will come soft rains
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