monkeys paw

  1. Protagonist?
    Mr and Mrs white
  2. Antagonist?
    monkeys paw
  3. central conflict
    person vs fate
  4. inciting moment
    mr white possess the paw
  5. climax
    3rd wish
  6. resolution
    empty street
  7. Mrs whites house is...?
    light warm and happy
  8. outside it is...
    rainy cold and dark
  9. who comes to their home?
    Sergeant Major Morris
  10. What does he tell them?
    stories of the monkeys paw
  11. he said it was what?
  12. What does it Mrs White do with it?
    throws it in the fire
  13. who quickly grabs it?
    Mr whte
  14. What is his first wish with the paw?
    200 pounds
  15. Does his wish come true?
  16. A man knocks on the door and tells them what?
    Herbert was hurt at work but he isnt in any pain....which means he is dead
  17. What does the man give them?
    200 pounds
  18. what does mrs. white think caused this?
    the paw
  19. What does Mrs white want mr. white to wish for?
    her son to come back to life
  20. does mr. white make the wish?
    yes but nothing happens
  21. later that night what does mrs. white hear?
    knocking on the door
  22. Mrs white cant open the door while mr white is doing what?
    scrambling trying to find the monkeys paw
  23. TorF he finds it makes the third wish and when mrs. white opens the door nothing is there
  24. What was the third wish?
    we do not know
  25. what is the theme?
    be careful what you wish for
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