A Vendetta

  1. Protagonist?
    Widow Saverini
  2. Antagonist?
    Nicolas Ravolati
  3. Central conflict
    Person vs Person
  4. Inciting moment
    widow swears vendetta
  5. climax
    semillante kills ravolati
  6. TORF The setting is happy
  7. Widow lives with?
    son and dog
  8. what happens to her son?
    he is killed
  9. murderer runs to?
  10. her sons body is brought to her and she does what?
    swears a vendetta
  11. what is a vendetta?
    it means to get revenge ("I will get revenge on your killer")
  12. why cant the widow do it herself?
    she is too old
  13. where does the wido go next?
    church to pray for strength to kill Nicolas
  14. What will the murder weapon be?
    the dog
  15. What does she do with the dog?
    • ties it up and starves it so its entire focus is on how to survive
    • the dog will now do anything for food
  16. what does the widow make?
    a straw dummy
  17. what does she cook infront of the dog?
    a sausage
  18. what does she do next with the 2 items?
    ties the food aroung the straw dummys neck and releases the dog after it
  19. for how long does she repeat this process?
    3 months
  20. How is the widdow disguised?
    as a beggar
  21. Where does she go next?
    church for confession
  22. After confession who does she pay to take her across the water?
    a fisherman
  23. Where does Nicolas work?
    Bakers shop
  24. How does Nicolas die?
    the widow releases the dog at Nicolas and kills him
  25. TorF the widdow sleeps well that night
  26. What is the theme of this work?
    Anyone can achieve vengence if they are clever enough
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