Biology Lecture Ch 23 Vocab

  1. Morphological Species Concept
    a construct that assumes a species consists of individuals that look alike, and that individuals that don't look alike belong to different species
  2. Lineage Species Concept
    A concept in which species are thought of in branches on the tree of life
  3. Reproductive isolation
    A state in which two populations can no longer exchange genes
  4. Biological Species Concept
    a concept where species are groups of actually or potentially interbreeding natural populations which are reproductively isolated from other such groups
  5. Hybridize
    the result of two populations coming back together and interbreeding
  6. Allopatric Speciation
    species that result when a population is divided by a physical barrier
  7. Sympatric Speciation
    A partition of a gene pool without physical isolation
  8. Polyploidy
    the duplication of sets of chromosomes within individuals
  9. autopolyploidy
    polyploidy arising from chromosome duplication in a single species
  10. allopolyploidy
    Polyploidy arising from the combining of two different species
  11. pre-zygotic reproductive barriers
    barriers acting before fertilization
  12. post-zygotic reproductive barriers
    barriers acting after fertilization
  13. Reinforcement
    strengthening of pre-zygotic barriers
  14. Hybrid Zone
    a region in which genetically distinct populations come together and produce offspring of mixed ancestry
  15. Evolutionary radiation
    the proliferation of a large number of daughter species from a single ancestor
  16. Adaptive
    The situation where evolutionary radiation creates many different species that like in a variety of environments and differ in characteristics
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