English-Separate Peace

  1. What kind of narrative is a Separate Peace?
    Initiation Narrative
  2. What is an initation narrative?
    Attempt of an adolescent to come to grips with himself and his world
  3. T/F A Separate Peace is a First person Narrative
  4. What year does the story begin?
  5. What is the name of the school and where is it located?
    The Devon School in NH
  6. What is the setting at the beginning of the story?
    It's late November and it's dark and gloomy
  7. What word is repeated a lot in the story?
  8. What is the first place Gene goes to visit?
    Marble staircase in the "first academy building"
  9. What is the secon fearful sight Gene visits?
    The Tree
  10. What starts when Gene gets to the tree in 1957?
    The flashback
  11. When does the flasback start?
    Summer of 1942
  12. What was going on in the summer of 1942?
  13. Why are the boys at The Devon school in the summer?
    They are in a special summer session so they can finish school in 3 years instead of 4
  14. What is the draft age?
  15. How many boys are at the tree at the beginning of the flashback?
  16. What do we first learn about Finny?
    He's athletic, a leader, an optomist, charasmatic, fearless
  17. What is the first thing Finny does?
    Jumps out of the tree
  18. Why does Gene jump out of the tree?
    Finny influences him
  19. What is jumping out of the tree like?
    A social baptism
  20. Who is optomistic about the war?
  21. what are the similarities between the flashback and the present?
    tree, gene, walked over the fields, fearful sight, at devon, damp grass
  22. what are the differences between the flashback and the present?
    • other characters in the flashback
    • 15 yrs in the past
    • june in flashback
    • mood changes
  23. Who is confronting Gene and Finny about skipping dinner?
    Mr. Prud'Homme
  24. T/F gene and finny get in trouble for skipping dinner?
  25. Why don't gene and finny get in trouble for skipping dinner?
    finny talks his way out of it
  26. What are the juniors treated like?
    innocent boys
  27. what are the seniors treated like?
  28. t/f the juniors are the peaceful group
  29. what saying is finny linked to?
    the essence of careless peace
  30. who wears a pink shirt and why?
    • finny
    • emblem to celebrate the bombing of central europe
  31. When is the first time gene begins to envy finny?
    when finny talks his way out of getting in trouble for wearing the pink shirt
  32. who is hosting the upper middlers tea?
    Mr. and Mrs. Patchwithers
  33. What does finny use instead of a belt?
    school tie
  34. Why does gene get excited finny wore the tie as a belt?
    Finny is finally going to get intoruble
  35. does finny get in trouble for wearing the tie as a belt? what is gene's reaction?
    • no
    • gene is dissapointed
  36. In the first ever double jump, who is out further on the limb?
  37. What happens to gene on the first double jump?
    He falls but finny catches him and saves him
  38. what is the goup formed after they jump out of the tree?
    the super suicide society of the summer session
  39. t/f gene is not excited about finny saving his life
  40. how often does the society meet?
  41. what must gene and finny do before every meeting?
    double jump
  42. what are finny's 3 rules?
    • be honest
    • you always win at sports
    • always say a prayer at night
  43. t/f Blitzball looks chaotic from the outside but is really highly organized
  44. what game is bliztball like?
    tackle the carrier
  45. why is finny so good at blitzball?
    he makes the rules and the game emphasizes finny's athletic abilities
  46. what was the critical age of boys?
  47. t/f during the war years it was easy to make money but hard to spend it
  48. what was the main color of the war years?
    olive drab
  49. who held the pervious swimming record and what year was it set?
    a. hopkins parker 1940
  50. what event does finny break the record in?
    100 freestyle
  51. where do finny and gene go after finny breaks the swimming record?
    the beach
  52. why does gene stop swimming in the ocean?
    the waves crushed him
  53. why doesn't gene respond to finny when fiinny tells gene he is his best friend?
    gene knows finny isn't his best friend
  54. what is the setting of the beach in the morning?
    dark and gloomy and dead
  55. what does gene blame for failing his trig test?
    finny taking him to the beach
  56. what is genes second realization?
    finny just wants to distract gene's studies
  57. who says he's going to jump out of the tree?does he jump?
    • leper
    • no
  58. why does finny fall from the tree limb?
    gene jounces the limb
  59. t/f gene believes he intentially jounced the limb
  60. what does dr. stanpole tell gene?
    • finny's leg is shattered
    • he will walk but sports are over
  61. what happens to gene when he puts on finny's clothes?
    he feels like finny and he know's he's different when finny isn't there
  62. where does gene go instead of going back to devon when the winter session is starting?
    to finnys house in boston
  63. what story does gene tell finny at finny's house? what does it symbolize?
    • about the fire
    • gene's jealousy
  64. t/f finny believes gene when he says he jounced the limb intentionally
  65. t/f gene and finny are 2 parts of a whole
  66. what is the first sentence of chapter 6?
    gene feels as if WWII is at devon
  67. what happened when finny left devon?
    peace left devon
  68. what phrase is constantly repeated at the first chapel?
    for the duration of
  69. t/f gene doesn't play psports in the fall
  70. what jon does gene get in the fall?
    assistant senior crew manager
  71. what does gene think of when he sees the devon river?
    finny balanced on 1 foot on a boat then sees finny fall
  72. what is the nagumassett river like? what does the salt water represent?
    • starts after the dam
    • ugly turbid and full of seaweed
    • lack of control
  73. what is the devon river like?
    clear and clean
  74. who is crew manager?
    cliff quckenbush
  75. why does gene take cliff calling him maimed personally?
    finny is maimed an gene is the reason for it
  76. what is gene's second baptism?
    • when cliff pushes him into the devon
    • baptim of gene at devon without finny
  77. what does mr. ludsbury tell gene in the narrow passage?
    about playing cards in the summer and gene has a long distance phone call in his office
  78. what does finny tell gene on the phone?
    must play sports
  79. what does brinker joke with gene about?
    killing finny and getting rid of his roomate
  80. what is brinker like?
    • top of the class
    • not very athletic
    • charasmatic
    • everyone likes him
  81. what happens in the butt room?
    make a joke about finny
  82. Why does gene pick apples?
    for the war effort
  83. what was the first snowfall like?
    came like silent invaders but got hott and went away
  84. how can the snowfalls and war efforts be connected?
    • 1st snowfall=picking apples--> Fun
    • 2nd snowfall=shoveling railroad tracks-->there to stay
  85. what is leper looking for while he is skiing?
    beaver dam
  86. what train are the boys digging out?
    a troop train that has just returned
  87. what do brinker and gene decide to do on their way home from shoveling railroad tracks?
    enlist in the army
  88. what does gene compare the starts to?
    there was overwhelming blackness and the stars looked like points of knives
  89. when gene returns to the dormatory what does he see under his door?
    illuminating light
  90. why does gene change his mind about enlisting?
    finny came back
  91. what is the first wave?
    • enlistment
    • ducked and avoided it
  92. what is compared to opulent sobriety? what does it mean?
    • architecture
    • showy and plain
    • opulent=outside=colonial
    • sobriety=inside=marble
  93. what does finny think of the war?
    it's just fat old men making it up
  94. what does finny tell gene he is going to train him for? why is this ironic?
    • 1944 olympics
    • there will be no olympics since there is a war going on
  95. what does gene do to train for the olympics?
    runs the oval and chin ups
  96. what was the cleanest image of war gene has ever seen?
    ski troops video
  97. what does leper decide to do after viewing the video?
    enlist in the ski troops
  98. what does finny decide to have when he says "there will be no government on this saturday at devon"?
    winter carnival
  99. how does finny begin the carnival?
    lights the iliad on fire
  100. what happens to cause the carnival to end?
    a telegram is recieved from leper
  101. in the carnival, which essentially wins, war or peace?
  102. where is christmas location?
    leper's house in VT
  103. what is the second wave?
  104. what is decribed as death landscape?
    the land around leper's house in VT
  105. why did leper run away?
    • reciving a section 8 discharge for the mental
    • had visions
  106. what important thing does leper say to gene while in VT?
    gene is a savage underneath
  107. what does gene think about leper's description of him?
    it's close to the truth
  108. when walking through the fields in VT why does gene start to run?
    the crunch of the snow and trees breaking sounds like rifles and war and finny isn't there to save him
  109. what is the 3rd ourward expression of finny?
    the snowball fight
  110. who wins the snowball fight?
    • no one
    • finny has made it to where no one is on any team like blitzball
  111. t/f finny admits the war exists
  112. what are the recruiters at devon and the students compared to? Why?
    • Athens and sparta
    • they had to learn to coexist
  113. what does finny's healed broken leg represent?
    a friend ship that was broken but healed but there will always be an indication that it was once broke
  114. why does finny admit there really is a war?
    it drove leper crazy and only war could do that
  115. what latin book does gene translate for finny?
    • julius caesar
    • military tatics book
  116. who calls the trial?
  117. where is the trial held? what is the inscription on the building?
    • first academy building
    • boys come here to become men
  118. what are there portraits of in the trial room?
    dead founders
  119. what is the trial about?
    what really happened in the tree
  120. who was the wittness at the trial?
  121. what does leper say finny and gene looked like in the tree?
    black as death with sun coming throught like machine gun fire
  122. what does leper compare the jouncing of the limb to?
    a twin piston engine
  123. who does leper say is responsible for finny falling?
  124. when finny gets upset at leper's accusation what happens?
    runs out of room and falls down marble staircase
  125. what does finny look like as he's laying at the bottom of the staircase?
    dead but illuminated by the light of the chandaler
  126. what does gene realize as they take finny away in the chair to the infirmary?
    finny is an extension of himself
  127. what does dr stanpole say about the second break?
    clean break just needs set
  128. what does gene think about doing outside the infirmary? why doesn't he?
    stealing dr stanpoles car but he can't run away from himself
  129. what is gene's reaction outside of finny's window? why is it inappropriate?
    • he laughs and cries
    • shouldn't be laughing cuz broke finny's leg
  130. what happens when gene goes inside to visit finny?
    finny tries to attack him
  131. what is genes double vision?
    he sees everything had meanig
  132. where does gene sleep after he leaves the infirmary? why?
    • stadium
    • it reminds him of finny
  133. why does gene tell finny it was good he didn't go to war? what is finny's response?
    • he wasn't the war type
    • finny cries
  134. why does finny cry?
    he realizes gene fully understands him
  135. what is finny's last request of gene? what does gene say?
    • wants to admit he didn't do it
    • gene say blind impulse and couldn't control it
  136. what kind of words were finny's last?
  137. how does finny die?
    bone marrow escapes into blood stream and stops his heart
  138. why doesn't gene cry at finny's funeral?
    • don't cry at your own funeral
    • felt like he himself died
  139. who does brinker blame for the war?
    the older generation
  140. why does brinker's dad want the war?
    it's good for stories
  141. what does gene mean when he says he killed his enemy at devon?
    hekilled the jealousy and matured
  142. what went with finny when he died?
    hatred and jealousy
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