Art History 17,18,19 Vocab

  1. 17th century, Bubonic Plague, helps transition from feudalism to government
    The Black Death
  2. Proto-Renaissance
    Precursor to the Renaissance
  3. Loggia
    Porch or portico, covered area outdoors
  4. Quatrefoil
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    • This thing. Found often in Gothic architecture
  5. Maniera Greca
    Greek style
  6. Buon Fresco
    "True" fresco. Fine, thing layer of wet plaster, painted on top, becomes part of wall.
  7. Fresco Secco
    Painting on dry plaster, usually for details.
  8. Book of Hours
    prayer book
  9. Grisaille
    painting in greytones to make it look like stone
  10. Tapestry
    Woven objects, used for decoration; improving acoustics
  11. Altarpiece
    painting placed on or near the altar. Opened on Sunday and special holidays
  12. Polyptych
    Painting with more than three panels
  13. Disguised symbolism
    Everyday objects with a higher meaning
  14. Annunciation
    Gabriel appearing to Mary
  15. Atmospheric (Aerial) Perspective
    Gradually gets lighter the further back it goes
  16. Humanism
    Philosophy focusing on human form; on potential of humanity; inherent goodness of man
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