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    I’ll Never Be Jealous Again

    (Hasler and Sid enter DL. Sid cresses to desk and looks at papers)
    • Hasler;
    • What right has the Union to run their Coca-Cola machine with our electricity?
    • (Crosses to DR )
    • It’s just as Fultion Lewis Jr said last night on the radio.
    • (Breaks of suddenly and turns to Sid)
    • Do you listen to Fulton Lewis Jr, Sorokin?
  2. Sid: Well, I’m rather flexible in the matter.
    • Hasler:
    • Say! He has got their number.
    • Keen mind,
    • One of the greatest thinkers in the country today.
    • Should listen to him every night.
    • It ought to be in every executive’s contract.
    • (Sees book) What’s this?
    • (Picks book up) This book shouldn’t be left lying around
    • (Gladys enters) Gladys!
  3. Gladys: Yes?
    Hasler: Where have you been?
  4. Gladys: I’ve been to the ladies. Isn’t that all right?
    Hasler: But… this book
  5. Gladys: Oh, Mr Hasler, you scared the life out of me.
    Look., I’ve got the key around my neck. It’s all right.
    • Hasler:
    • (pounding his words while walking to her and handing it to her with two hands )
    • I - don’t - want - it -
    • left - lying - around.
    • Is that clear?
  6. Gladys: Yes Mr Hasler.

    (She takes the book then leave humiliated)
    • Hasler:
    • If I can’t trust Gladys, who can I trust?
  7. Sid: I wouldn’t know.
    • Hasler:
    • What was my book doing here anyway?

    (He follows Gladys DL to find out)
  8. Mabel: Say Sid, who is this Fulton Lewis Jr, he’s always talking about?
    Sid: He plays third base for the Chicago White Sox. The old man’s got a bas case of bookitis, hasn’t he.
    I wonder if he’s got a skeleton locked in there. Say Mabel, tell me something. What kind of a girl is Babe Williams?

    Mabel: Babe? She peppy. Full of

    Sid: Is she married.
    • Mabel: Babe? She peppy. Full of spunk.
    • Sid: Is she married. Mabel: No, not quite.
    • Sid: What do you mean not quite.
    • Mabel: Well, she was close once. She was engaged to the Johnson boy. Then one time at a football game she pushed him off the end of the benches and gave him a concussion. The broke the engagement.
  9. Sid: Outdoor girl.

    (Hasler enters from L and cross to C)
    • Hasler:
    • Gladys is crying.
    • She’s hysterical.
    • (He imitates her sobs to Mabel) Gump..
    • (To Sid) Gump..
    • (Helplessly) I don’t know.
  10. Mabel: She brought the ledger up her to enter the cost totals Mr Hasler.
    • Hasler:
    • Well way the hell couldn’t someone say so?

    (exiting L) My gosh.
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