gov final

  1. grass roots
    average voters
  2. lobbying
    activities by which the group pressures are brought to law making bodies
  3. trade association
    interest group within the business community
  4. medium
    a means of communication
  5. quota sample
    sample to reflect several of major characteristics of a population
  6. straw vote
    polls that seek to read the publics mind simply asking the same question to a large number of people
  7. mandate
    commands a constituency gives to its officials
  8. opinion leader
    a person who has an unusual control or effect on people
  9. public affairs
    events and issues that concern the people
  10. public agenda
    public issues on which the peoples attention is focused on
  11. hard money
    campaign money that is subjected to regulations by the FEC
  12. soft money
    money given to the state and local party orgs for voting related activities
  13. subsidy
    a grant of money
  14. political action committee
    political extension of special interest groups which have a major part in public policy
  15. precinct
    the smallest unit of election admin
  16. coattail effect
    eff of a strong candidate for an office at the top of a ballot helping to attract voters to other party candids
  17. absentee voting
    provisions made for those unable to go to polling places in election day
  18. nonpartisian election
    election where candids are not identified by party label
  19. runoff primary
    top two vote getters in the first primary face one another
  20. blanket primary
    voters recieve a long ballot containing the names of all candids regardless of party
  21. open primary
    party nominating election where voters can take part
  22. closed primary
    party nominating where only declared party members can vote
  23. direct primary
    primary held within a party to pick candid for general election
  24. caucus
    nominating device, group of people who meet to select candids they will support
  25. straight ticket voting
    voting for only one party in an election
  26. party identification
    loyalty of people to a party
  27. political socialization
    people gain political attitudes and opinions
  28. political efficacy
    ones own influence on politics
  29. preclerence
    prior approval of laws
  30. injunction
    court order that limits or forces the performance
  31. gerrymanding
    drawing of electoral district lines to the advantage of a group
  32. poll book
    list of registered voters
  33. purge
    reviewing lists of registered voters and removing eligible voters
  34. transient
    person living in state for short period of time without legal residence
  35. electorate
    all people who can vote
  36. franchise
    right to vote
  37. suffrage
    right to vote
  38. how are interest groups not in a best interest of other americans
    they are just trying to push their views instead of listening other views, and it is unknown how many people they represent
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