General Airspeed Terminology and Symbols

  1. KCAS
    Knots calibrated airspeed

    Indicated airspeed corrected for for position and instrument erros.
  2. KIAS
    Knots indicated airspeed

    The airspeed shown on the airspeed indicator expressed in knots
  3. Manuevering Speed (Va)
    The maximum speed at which you may use abrupt changes = 90
  4. Maximum flap extended speed (Vfe)
    is hte highest speed allowed to extend wing flaps = 85-87
  5. Maximum Structural Crusing Speed (Vno)
    Maximum crusing speed through rough air 108
  6. Vso
    Stalling speed or mimimum steady flight speed in the landing configuration = 35 knots
  7. Vs
    Stalling speed or minimum steady flight speed without flaps or landing gear present = 40 knots
  8. Vr
    Rotation speed = 50
  9. Vx
    Best angle of climb = 55

    Most altitude gained over a horizontal distance
  10. Vy
    Best rate of climb = 67

    Most altitude gained over a given amount of time
  11. Cruise Climb
    speed of 70 to 80
  12. Vne
    Never exceed speed 145
  13. Reference Datum
    Imaginary vertical plane from which all horizontal distances are measured for balance purposes
  14. Moment
    product of weight multiplied by arm
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