Java Jan 21

  1. Local variable
    • a variable that is defined in a block of coding and can
    • only be used only in that program block
  2. Logic error
    • error arising from making a mistake in the thought
    • process (algorithm) for creating the solution of the problem.

    • Program compiles, but
    • does not work correctly because of a mistake in planning or interpreting the
    • problem
  3. Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR)
    • identification of characters through the use of
    • magnetic ink.
  4. Mainframe
    • A computer, usually in a computer center, with
    • many capabilities and resources. Other
    • computers may be connected so that they can share facilities.
  5. Master file
    • permanent file holding information that can be
    • accessed and is updated using a transaction file.
  6. Memory address register (MAR)
    • holds the address in memory of the instruction
    • that is being executed
  7. Memory mapped I/O
    • Input/Output goes straight to a portion in
    • memory so processor can act on it directly without needing to do any other
    • commands
  8. Menu
    displays a list of options or choices for the user
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