1. shun
    to deliberatly stay away from
  2. bereft
  3. clique
    a small exclusive group
  4. TONE
    Writer;s attitude
  5. satire
    type of writing that ridicules or criticizes social conventions
  6. pun
    play on words
  7. regionalism
    tendency to write about specific region
  8. parody
    humorous imitation of a work
  9. trope
    figure of speech
  10. allusion
    indirect reference
  11. catalog
    list of ppl, places, or things
  12. paradox
    contradictory but actually presents a truth
  13. jocular
  14. loiter
    to staned without purpose
  15. mortification
    feeling shame or wounded pride
  16. oblique
  17. paradigm
    an example or model
  18. perturb
    to annoy or upset
  19. perusal
    the act of examining carefully
  20. lucid
    easy to understand
  21. contemptous
    full of scorn, feel something is inferior and worthless
  22. nerarious
    very wicked
  23. superficial
    limited to the surface
  24. immune
    not subject to an obligation imposed on others
  25. poignant
    profoundly moving or physically painful
  26. posterity
    fure generations
  27. progenitor
    direct ancestor
  28. aethetic
    of beauty, demonstrating good taste
  29. wane
    to decrease gradually in size, to decline
  30. wield
    to handle and use like a weapon or something with a skill
  31. audavious
    bold or daring
  32. jilt
    to break up with
  33. irrevoable
    impossible to take back
  34. diligent
    care in carrying out tasks
  35. discord
    lack of agreement or harmony
  36. articulate
    annunciate, or well spoken
  37. miser
    greedy person who hoards money even to the expense of his comfort
  38. virulent
    extremely poisonous or harmful
  39. intimation
    hint or clue
  40. infidel
    unbeleiver, athiest
  41. anarchy
    no gov
  42. deference
    submission to another's opinions, wishes, or judgement
  43. dictions
    choice of words
  44. ecclesiastical
    relating to the church
  45. equanimity
    caml and even tempered
  46. expatriated
    to send to exile or residing in a foreign country
  47. grope
    search blindly
  48. holocaust
    great destruction resulting in loss of life
  49. prodical
  50. accost
    to approach and speak in an aggressive manner
  51. acquire
    to gain or get something
  52. afffable
    easy going and pleasant
  53. amorphous
    lacking definite form, shapeless
  54. august
    inspiring awe or admiration
  55. refute
    to prove to be wrong
  56. servile
    submissive slave or servant
  57. resolution
    solution or answering of a question or porblem
  58. vulnerable
    open to physical or emotional injury
  59. skeptical
    not easily persuaded or convinced
  60. resignation
    giving up something
  61. piety
    religious devotion
  62. decorum
    appopriateness of behavior or conduct
  63. benevolent
    incline to do good
  64. cognizance
    awareness of something
  65. conflagration
    large destructive fire
  66. copious
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