Educational Psych Ch 1

  1. What is Educational Psychology?
    The study of learners, learning, and teaching
  2. What is Pedagogy?
    The study of teaching and learning with applications to the instructional process

  3. Doing things for a purpose; teachers who use ___________ plan their actions based on the outcomes they want to achieve.
  4. What is Teacher Efficacy?
    The degree to which teachers feel that their own efforts determine the success of their students
  5. What is Critical Thinking?
    Evaluation of conclusions through logical and systematic examination of the problem, the evidence and the solution.
  6. _________ is the explanation of the relationship between factors, such as the effects of alternative grading systems on student motivation
  7. A Theory is.....
    A set of principles that explains and relates certain phenomena
  8. Treatment is
    A special program that is the subject of an experiment
  9. Variable..
    Something that can have more than one value
  10. What is an experiment?
    Procedure used to test the effect of a treatment
  11. Random Assignment
    Selection by chance into different treatment groups; intended to ensure equivalence of the groups
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