sgu vet anatomy 1 chapter 1: reproduction

  1. behind kidney; small, oval structure
  2. small tube that connects to uterus; hard to see between layers of broad ligament
    uterine tube
  3. 2 horns and body that's closed by the cervix
  4. thickened caudal end of the uterus
  5. caudal to cervix
  6. ventral recess formed by cervix projecting into the vagina
    fornix of the vagina
  7. external female genitalia
  8. part between the vagina and vulva
  9. separates the vestibule from the vagina
    urethral opening
  10. ventral inside the labia
    clitoris in the clitoral fossa
  11. suspending female genital tract
    broad ligament
  12. free edge of cranial broad ligament; connects ovary to last rib
    suspensory ligament
  13. cutaneous sac containing testicles; heavily haired in cats
  14. inside scrotum; make sperm; dog's hang, cat's tilted to anus
  15. dorsolateral border of testicle; a duct that carries sperm from testicle to ductus deferens
  16. medial spermatic cord, through inguinal canal to abdomen and pelvic cavity
    • ductus deferens
    • vas deferens
  17. carries sperm from tail of epididymis to urethra; travels up the medial side of spermatic cord, through inguinal canal to abdomen, then over ureters and through prostate to enter urethra
    • ductus deferens
    • vas deferens
  18. testicles to abdomen; has ductus deferens, testicular artery and vein
    spermatic cord
  19. slit in the aponeurosis of external abdominal oblique muscle
    • exit from the inguinal canal
    • or
    • superficial inguinal ring
  20. thick serosal diverticulum of peritoneum; holds testicle and spermatic cord
    vaginal tunic
  21. outer layer of vaginal tunic
    parietal vaginal tunic
  22. inner layer fo vaginal tunic fused to parts of spermatic cord and testicle
    visceral vaginal tunic
  23. potential space between parietal and visceral layers of the vaginal tunic; continuous with peritoneal cavity
    vaginal cavity
  24. thin serous connecting vaginal tunic between parietal and visceral layers of the vaginal tunic
  25. vessels to testicle
    testicular artery and vein
  26. changes from peritoneum to vaginal tunic
    vaginal ring
  27. exit from abdomen for the spermatic cord and external pudendal vessels
    inguinal canal
  28. accessory sex gland
    prostate gland
  29. cutaneous sheath of the penis
  30. male copulatory organ
  31. distal free end of the penis
    glans of penis
  32. backward projecting cornified spines
    spines of glans (cat)
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