290 Test 1 Crossword

  1. Quasi Experimental
    Type of research Pre-assigned to groups
  2. Descriptive Research
    Research that describes characteristics of existing phenomena
  3. Theory
    Organizes information into a coherent set of ideas
  4. Historical Research
    Research that relates to past events to one another
  5. Hypothesis
    Statement or question that expresses a relationship
  6. Qualitative Research
    General Category of non-experimental methods
  7. Experimental
    Research where participants are randomly assigned to groups
  8. Correlation Research
    Research that examines relationships between variables
  9. Contral
    Variable that has potential influence on the dependent Variable
  10. Counfounding
    When variable compete to explain the effects
  11. Extraneous
    Variable with unpredictable impact on the dependent variable
  12. Moderator
    Variable that masks the true relationship between the independent and dependent variables
  13. Listserv
    Discussion group that is an automatic depository for information
  14. Newsgroup
    Collection of information about one topic posted and shared among internet users
  15. General
    Source that provides clues to the location of reference
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290 Test 1 Crossword
290 Test 1 Crossword