Vocabulary 2

  1. Commend (v.)
    to compliment, to praise; to recommend; to entrust
  2. Amicable (adj.)
    friendly, sociable, cheerful, peaceable
  3. Bleak (adj.)
    bare, dreary
  4. Wrath (n.)
    strong, stern, fierce anger; punishment
  5. Memento (n.)
    a reminder; a souvenir
  6. Prevail (v.)
    to predominate or conquer; to be superior in strength, power, or influence
  7. Affluence (n.)
  8. Ratify (v.)
    to confirm or express approval
  9. Digress (v.)
    to wander away from the main purpose or topic
  10. Egress (n.)
    a way out; an exit
  11. Tumult (n.)
    noise; uproar; violent disturbance or disorder
  12. Replenish (v.)
    to supply fully; to restore to completeness
  13. Opulent (adj.)
    wealthy; richly abundant
  14. Foment (v.)
    to stir up; to instigate
  15. Indolent (adj.)
    Tending to avoid exertion; idle; lazy
  16. Laud (v.) or (n.)
    • (v.) to extol or praise.
    • (n.) a song of praise
  17. Converse (adj.) or (v.)
    • (adj.) opposite; turned about
    • (v.) to discuss informally
  18. Emend (v.)
    to correct or change a text
  19. Malinger (v.)
    to pretend illness to avoid duty
  20. Instigate (v.)
    to provoke; to urge to an action or course
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