Windows Phone 7

  1. What 3 WP7 devices are exclusive to At&t?

    A) HTC Surround, Lg Quantum, Samsung Focus
  2. How many hubs are found in a Windows Phone?

    C) 6
  3. Which of the following are NOT a hub in Windows Phone 7?

    B) Places is not a hub in WP7
  4. True or False
    Windows Phone 7 allows you to create and edit office documents out of the box?
    True! WP7 comes with MS office installed!
  5. 5. How many tiles can you have on the home screen with WP7?

    D) 256
  6. Which hub would you find the Zune Market Place under

    A) Music and Video
  7. True or False
    Windows Phone 7 is the only mobile device that allows access to xbox live
  8. True or false
    Windows Mobile Phones are upgradeable to WP7
  9. What is the slowest proccessor that a WP7 phone can have?

    B) all Windows Phone 7 require at least a 1 ghz proccessor
  10. How many apps are in the Windows app store:

    C) 5500
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Windows Phone 7