Geo Module 1 PPT

  1. What are multi-national corporations?
    These are companies with headquarters all over the world
  2. What is globalization?
    This is the increasing interconnectedness of people and places through the converging processes of economic, political, and cultural change
  3. What is Hybridization (or syncretism)?
    Occurs when forms of American popular culture spreads abroad and melds into other local cultures.
  4. What is the Geopolitical Component of globalization?
    • UN's providing of representation to all countries
    • International agreements that promote global trade and cultural exchange
  5. What are some environmental concerns of globalization?
    • Transnational corporations create environmental problems that disrupt ecosystems
    • Native peoples may lose resource base
    • Globalization aggravates world environmental problems (climate change, pollution of air & water, deforestation)
  6. What may help environmental concerns of globalization?
    International treaties between countries.
  7. State the social dimensions of globalization and their downfalls
    • Increased international migration
    • The bad:
    • Terrorism
    • Drugs
    • Pornography
    • Gambling
  8. What are some advantages of globalization?
    • logical expression of capitalism
    • removes trade barriers, increasing efficiency
    • spreads new technology and ideas
    • free flow of capital increases global economic wealth
    • world's poorer countries will catch up
  9. What are disadvantages of globalization used by critics?
    • today's developed countries did not use free-market economics to foster their development
    • Globalization creates greater inequalities
    • promotes free-market, export-oriented economies, at expense of local indigenous economies
    • spreads undesirable things (disease, crime, harmful plants and animals)
  10. How do they measure the amount of inequality within a country?
    Use GINI index (GINI coefficients)
  11. What is the middle position of globalization?
    • globalization is unavoidable
    • even anti-globalization people use internet (which is globalized) to oppose globalization
    • strong governments, groups, and organizations can help manage globalization
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