At&t Advatages

  1. A-list with Rollover allows an AT&T Family to make or receive unlimited calls from how many domestic wired or non At&t wireless numbers for no charge?

    C) 10
  2. At&t offers International voice calling to how many countries?

    A) 220+
  3. Rollover:

    E) All of the above
  4. Which is not a Star service offered by At&t ?

    B) *call
  5. True or False
    At&t offers the Nations fastest Mobile Broadband Network?
    True! While other technologies are emerging At&t still averaged the fastest Mobile broadband network in a recent independent study
  6. At&t offers how many free WiFi hotspots in the US?

    B) 23000
  7. Which service is not included with all at&t voice plans?

    C) Unlimited Nights and Weekends are not included in all calling plans.
  8. True or False,
    At&t is deploying 4g starting in 2011.
    True! At&T is backhauling its network and launching 20 4g devices in 2011 that will run on hspa+ and will begin deploying its lte network this summer!
  9. True or False
    At&t offers the most android handsets?
    False, but At&t has commited to becoming an Android leader in 2011 and will launch 12 new Android handsets this year!
  10. Which is not true of At&t
    a) Covers 97% of all Americans
    b) Has the Fastest broadband network
    c) Is not able to work overseas
    d) The only company to offer Rollover minutes
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