Family Features

  1. True or False? ATT has a smart phone family feature for data unlimited.
  2. The cost of family messaging is

    A) $30
  3. True or False?
    You get a discount of $5 per month when you purchase Navigator with Data unlimited versus purchasing both features separately.
    False, As of September 23rd At&t has lowered the cost of QMD devices to just $10 a month!
  4. The cost of family early nights and weekends is

    C) $16.99
  5. True or False??
    Family messaging will cover up to 5 phones on a family talk account.
  6. On a family talk account A-list provides how many numbers to talk unlimited to?

    B) 10 numbers
  7. True or False??
    The Family Map that costs $9.99 a month allows you to locate 5 family members?
    Fasle, The $9.99 package is for up to 3 mobile numbers. it is $14.99 for up to 5 mobile numbers.
  8. True or False Family Map is available to customers on individual plans
    False, you must be on a family plan to use family plan.
  9. On family talk unlimited nationwide calling plan, each additional line after the first two lines costs how much?

    B) $49 per month
  10. True or False??
    At&t offers unlimited family videoshare for families for $30 per month
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