SU Level 4 Chapter 27

  1. (이)야말로
    indeed; just
  2. 인격
    character; personality
  3. abusive language; abuse
  4. 청소년
    youth; young people
  5. 거칠다
    to be rude; to be rough
  6. 저속하다
    to be vulgar; to be low
  7. 친숙하다
    to be intimate; to be close
  8. 무려
    as many as; to the vast number of
  9. 비롯하다
    to begin with; to be headed by; to include
  10. 대중 매체
    mass media
  11. 한동안
    a good while; quite some time
  12. 유행어
    a popular saying
  13. 무작정
    with no particular view in mind
  14. 따르다
    to imitate
  15. -아/어 버릇하다
    to be in the habit of; to be used to do
  16. 활기
    vigor; liveliness
  17. 대표하다
    to represent; to stand for
  18. 관광지
    a tourist attraction; a sightseeing place
  19. 신사
    a gentleman
  20. 사치스럽다
    to be luxurious; to be extravagant
  21. 신용 카드
    a credit card
  22. 초보
    first steps; the first stage
  23. 양보하다
    to yield; to concede
  24. 올챙이
    a tadpole; a polliwog
  25. time
  26. name of old type of Korean money
  27. debt; a loan
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SU Level 4 Chapter 27