SU Level 4 Chapter 25

  1. 제비
    a swallow
  2. 새끼
    the young
  3. gourd; calabash
  4. seed
  5. 도깨비
    ogre; goblin
  6. 해설자
    a commentator
  7. 식구
    a family member
  8. 내쫓다
    to expel; to turn out
  9. 자루
    a bag; a sack
  10. 내밀다
    to thrust out; to stick out
  11. 큰아버지
    uncle (father's older brother)
  12. 지붕
    the roof of a 한옥
  13. pair
  14. 강남
    another name for China
  15. a snake
  16. 피하다
    to avoid; to escape
  17. 바퀴
    round; turn
  18. 넘어지다
    to fall (down, over); to tumble (down; over)
  19. 부러지다
    to be broken
  20. 쯧쯧
    tsk; tsk
  21. 바르다 (약을)
    to apply an ointment
  22. 형겊
    piece of cloth; rags; patch
  23. 은혜
    goodness (which deserves gratitude)
  24. 갚다
    to return; to repay; to requite
  25. 심다
    to plant (a seed); to set (out)
  26. 벌어지다
    to happen; to take place
  27. sprout; germ
  28. 열리다 (과일이)
    to bear fruit
  29. 조르다
    to pester; to press something
  30. 만지다
    to touch; to feel (of)
  31. 슬근슬근
  32. a saw
  33. -질
    (the act of) doing
  34. pop
  35. 보물
    treasure; valuable thing
  36. 금방
    at once; in an instant
  37. 욕심
    greed; avarice
  38. 이러이러하다
    so and so; such and such
  39. 저러저러하다
    so and so; such and such
  40. 부러뜨리다
    to break off
  41. 강제로
    compulsorily; by force
  42. 절뚝이다
    to limp; to hobble
  43. 두고 보다
    to wait and see (how things will turn out; change)
  44. 정신을 차리다
    to be alert; to collect one's mind
  45. 몽둥이
    a club; a stick
  46. 때리다
    to hit; to beat; to strike
  47. 퇴장하다
    to leave the scene
  48. 인형
    a doll; a puppet
  49. 물고기
    a fish
  50. 가치관
    the sense of value
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