Science Vocab Test

  1. Nutrient
    Usable portion of food
  2. Protein
    Substance used to build and repair; made up of amino acids.
  3. Amino Acid
    Building block of proteins.
  4. Carbohydrate
    Energy-rich substance found in foods such as vegetables, cereal grains, and breads.
  5. Calorie
    Amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree C.
  6. Fat
    Substance that supplies the body with energy and also helps support and cushion the vital organs in the body.
  7. Oil
    Energy-rich substance.
  8. Vitamin
    Nutrient that helps regulate growth and normal body functioning.
  9. Mineral
    Simple substance found in nature that helps maintain the normal functioning of the body.
  10. Ptaylin
    Enzyme in saliva that breaks down some starches into sugars.
  11. Enzyme
    Chemical substance that helps control chemical reactions.
  12. Chemical digestion
    Breaking down of food by enzymes.
  13. Mechanical digestion
    Physical action of breaking down food into smaller pieces.
  14. Esophagus
    Pipe-shaped tube that transports food to the stomach.
  15. Stomach
    J-shaped, muscular organ connected to the end of the esophagus in which foods are physically and chemically digested.
  16. Peristalsis
    Powerful wave of muscle contractions that pushes food through the digestive system.
  17. Pepsin
    Enzyme produced by the stomach that digests protein.
  18. Small intestine
    Organ in the digestive system in which most digestion takes place.
  19. Liver
    Organ that produces bile and breaks down excess amino acids.
  20. Pancreas
    Organ that produces pancreatic juice and insulin.
  21. Gallbladder
    Organ that stores bile.
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