fire achademy chapter 1

  1. Chain of command 2 definitions
    Order of rank and authority in the fire service 2 the proper sequence of information and command flow as described in the incident management system
  2. life safety
    refers to the joint consideration of the life and physical well being of individuals both civilians and firefighters
  3. Incident command system
    system by which facilities equipment personnel procedures and communication are organized to operate within a common organizational structure designed to aid in the management of resource at emergency incidents
  4. policy
    guide to decision making in an organization
  5. discipline
    setting the limits or boundaries for expected performance and enforcing them.
  6. fire mark definition
    distinctive metal marker once prodused by insurance companies for identifying their policy holders buildings
  7. standard operating procedures SOP
    standard methods or rules in which an organization or a fire department operates to carry out a routine function
  8. procedure
    a written communication closely related to a policy
  9. emergency operations
    activities involved in responding to the scene of an incident and performing assigned duties in order to mitigate the emergency
  10. L.I.P
    Life safety

    Incident stabilization

    property conservation
  11. the first and highest priority
    Life safety (this includes firefighters, occupants of burning buildings/cars and everyone around the incident, also includes lives of pets and livestock)
  12. incident stabilization
    stopping the spread of fire to univolved portions of the building or nearby structures.
  13. Property conservation
    fire departments are committed to saving as much property as possible without putting fire fighters in mortal danger
  14. engine company
    deploys hoselines for fire attack and exposure protection
  15. truck (ladder) company
    forcible entry, search and rescue, ventilation, salvage and overhaul, and utilities control and provides access to upper levels of structures
  16. rescue squad/company
    search for and remove victims from areas of danger or entrapment, may perform technical rescues
  17. Brush company
    extinquishes wildland fires and protects structures in wildland interface
  18. hazardous material company
    responds to and mitigates hazordous materials incidents
  19. emergency medical/ambulance company
    provides emergency medical care to patients
  20. special rescue company
    responds to and performs technical rescues
  21. differance between a directive and an order
    an order is based upon a policy or procedure, a directive is not.
  22. do to the seriousness of the fireground, both procedures and policies are generally considered as ___________
    orders and must be followed
  23. the incident command (IC) is what?
    The individual in overall command of an incident.
  24. NIMS
    National Incident Management System: the mechanism by which large numbers of fire companies and lager units are organized and managed during emergency incidents
  25. safety officer (SO)
    advises IC onall matter related to operational safety. has the authority to stop and/or prevent unsafe asts during incident operations
  26. liaison officer (LNO)
    point of contact for government and nongovernment agencies and private-sector organizations involved in the incident,
  27. Public information officer (PIO)
    interface with the public and media and/or other agencies with incident-related information requirements
  28. ICS terms
    • refer to page 39 for descriptions
    • 1 assigned 2 available 3 branch 4 command 5 command post 6 division 7 group 8 incident action plan 9 incident command 10 out-of service 11 resources 12 resources status 13 single resource 14 strike team 15 strategic mode 16 supervisor 17 task force
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