Frog dissection quiz

  1. Describe two aspects of the frog's eyes
    bulging - bulge out on both sides of head to see in many directions

    nictitating membrance - a transparent "third eye" that covers the frog's eyes and keeps it moist without blinking
  2. What are the nares on a frog used for?
    breathing with the mouth closed
  3. What is the function of the tympanic membranes of a frog?
  4. What color is the frog's skin?
    mottled brown/gray on back, lighter on the belly side
  5. What is the function of the mottled skin?
    protects the frog from predators
  6. Why is a frog's skin slimy?
    it produces mucus
  7. What is the function of the slimy skin?
    frog can slip away from predators

    helps them glide through water

    keeps skin moist
  8. Describe the circulatory system of the frog
    closed with a 3-chambered heart
  9. Describe the respiratory system of the frog
    air passes through the glottis, through the windpipe, to the lungs
  10. Describe the digestive system of the frog
    • Food passes through:
    • gullet to
    • esophagus to
    • stomach to
    • large intestine to
    • cloaca, an opening shared by the digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems

    also includes the liver, which produces bile, and the gall bladder, which stores the bile
  11. Describe the excretory system of the frog
    the kidneys clean the blood and release liquid waste through the ureters to the cloaca
  12. Describe the nervous system of the frog
    has a more complex brain and dorsal nerve cord which is protected by the skull and vertebrae
  13. Describe the reproductive system of the frog
    • males have testes
    • females have ovaries

    sperm or ova are released through the cloaca and fertilized externally
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