Fab Vocab 26-125

  1. iveigle
    to persuade by ingenutiy or flattery
  2. modicum
    a small quantity or portion
  3. aridity
    dryness, bareness
  4. mollify
    soften, allay someones rage
  5. cacaphony
    unpleasant, harsh, discordant sound
  6. capacious
    able to contain much
  7. discursive
    passing from one subject to another
  8. shadenfreude
    a malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others
  9. palaver
    idle talk, to talk idly
  10. buttress
    projecting support of a wall or building
  11. disparagining
    depreciation lessoning in rank
  12. solictous
    showing care, attention, concern, anxious desire
  13. discheveled
    dissarranded, untidy, tousled, rumpled
  14. sesquipedalian
    givin to or characterized by long words
  15. soiree
    evening party, gathering
  16. disseminate
    scatter, broadcast, spread
  17. somnambulist
    one who walks and performs other action during sleep
  18. soporific
    causing sleepiness
  19. coleful
    sad, sorrowful, mourning
  20. specious
    apparently just or correct, actually nbot so
  21. flut
    mock, insult, scoff
  22. overweening
    over bearing, excessive
  23. dulcet
    melodiouss, soft, soothing
  24. spurious
    not genuine, counterfeit
  25. ebullient
    boiling up, bubbling, effervescent
  26. squalid
    mean, poor, dirty
  27. omnipresent
    present in all places at the same time
  28. edification
    improvment or instruction
  29. staid
    dignified, sober, sedate
  30. traduce
    to vilify, slander
  31. diatribe
    prolonged discussion, abusive speech
  32. dishabille
    the state of being carelessly or partially dressed
  33. dilatory
    delaying, tardy, slow in doing things
  34. missive
    a written message, a letter
  35. crux
    an essential point requring resolution outcome
  36. anathema
    under a solemn ban or curse
  37. multifarious
    having great diversity or bariety
  38. pugnacious
    combatibe, quarrelsome
  39. reverie
    dream, musing., state of being lost in thought
  40. rebarbativer
    tending to irritate, repellent
  41. malign
    to speak of evil, to defame, to slander
  42. writhe
    to make twisting or turning movements, contort the body
  43. desideratum
    something wanted or needed, a desire
  44. desuetude
    state of disuse, uselessness
  45. euphonious
    pleasing or sweet in sound, smooth sounding
  46. trepidation
    trembling agitation or fear
  47. trechanct
    cutting, incisive, having a sharp point
  48. truncate
    cut off, shortened
  49. truculent
    displaying feirceness, savage, cruel, defiant
  50. turbid
    cloudy, disturbed, muddy
  51. diaphonous
    characterized by extreme delicacy of form
  52. august
    marked by majestic dignity or grandeur
  53. immutable
    not being capable of or suceptiable to change
  54. pertinacity
    adhering resolutely to an opinion, purpose or design
  55. sententious
    given to or abounding in excessive moralizing
  56. insipid
    lacking taste or savor, tasteless, challenge
  57. lugubrious
    mournful, especially, dismal
  58. drollerty
    whimiscal humor, humoruous, quality
  59. delivity
    downward inclination, downward slope
  60. recrudescence
    new outbreak after inactivity, renewal
  61. alacrity
    promptiness in response
  62. rapacious
    excessivelly grasping or covetous, living on prey
  63. moribound
    being in a state of inactivity; approaching death
  64. obfuscate
    to darken or obscure
  65. voluble
    easily rolling or turning; rotation, fluent
  66. woebegone
    woeful, also run down
  67. sepulchral
    suited to or suggesting a tomb, funeral
  68. supercilious
    being coolly and patronizingly haughty
  69. indefatigable
    untiring, incapable of being tired
  70. conflageration
    fire, large fire, conflict of war
  71. recipitate
    falling, flwoing, unwise speed
  72. commingling
    blending into a harmonious whole
  73. festoon
    decorate, cecrative chains or ornaments
  74. inextricable
    forming a mze, tangles, not untied
  75. halcyon
    peaceful, undisturbed, happy
  76. sagacious
    keen in sense derception, keen judgment
  77. malevolent
    having, showing from intense spite or hatred
  78. recondite
    hidden from sight, concealed, ordinary, understanding
  79. inexorable
    not to be persuaded or moved by entrety
  80. perdition
    eternal damnation, hell
  81. immolate
    to kill or destroy, often by fire
  82. fusillade
    number of shotes fired simultaniously, rapid, spirited outburst
  83. segue
    to proceed without, interruption, fluid
  84. qoutidian
    occuring daily, also ordinary
  85. resplendant
    having brilliant color, beaty
  86. otiose
    ineffective, being at leisure, of no use
  87. audacity
    intredid boldness, cool or arrogant disregard of normal restraints
  88. veriest
    properly entitled to the name or desgnation, neccessary
  89. languor
    weakness or weariness of body or mind sluggishness, lethargy
  90. fecund
    frutful in offspring or vegetation, prolific, productive
  91. odious
    exciting or dese4rving hatred or repugnance
  92. fistifcuff
    a fight with fists
  93. saturnine
    gloomy or sullen
  94. disconsolate
    cheerless, dejected
  95. craven
    defeated, vanquished, lacking any courage
  96. bailiwick
    a persons specific area of knowledge, interrest, skill, work
  97. waylay
    to ambush or accost
  98. abrogate
    to abolish by authoritive action, to do away with
  99. abstemious
    sparing, especially in eating or drinking, not indulged in
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