Fab Vocab 1-25

  1. prevaricator
    one who tells an untruth, liar
  2. nefarious
    wiked, vicious
  3. officous
    forcing ones service or office upon another
  4. insouciance
    lack of concern
  5. intelligentsia
    highly educated and cultured
  6. permeate
    to pas through
  7. gregarious
    living in groups, liking it
  8. stilted
    stiffly formal
  9. akance
    with a side of glance of disaproval
  10. inscrutable
    incadable of being searched
  11. Itransigent
  12. foment
    arose, cause incite
  13. fortuitous
    accidental, happening by chance
  14. aplomb
    assurance, poise, self possision
  15. grandiloquent
    eloquent on a grand scale
  16. automaton
    a robot, mechanical person
  17. capricious
    fancifull, whimsical, impulsive, unpredictable
  18. duplicity
    being couble, hiding by deception
  19. fatuous
    complacently or insanely foolish
  20. raucous
    boisterously desordely; load, strident
  21. nemesis
    retribution, just punishment, vengence
  22. bevy
    a large group or collection, a group of animals
  23. niggardly
    stingy, not generous
  24. caterwaul
    to make a harsh cry or screech
  25. copacetic
    very satisfactory
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