English Vocab 2

  1. Incorporeal
    Lacking physical substance
  2. Magnanimous
    Generous in forgiving
  3. Pusillanimous
  4. Anonymous
    Having an unknown name
  5. Cognomen
    A surname
  6. Denomination
    A united group of religious organizations
  7. Ignominious
  8. Misnomer
    An unsuitable name
  9. Moniker
    A distinctive nickname
  10. Nomenclature
    A system of names used in a science or art
  11. Nominal
    Insignificantly small
  12. Patronymic
    Of or relating to the name of one's fahter
  13. Renown
    Great fame
  14. Incorporate
    In include as part of a whole
  15. Append
    To attach to
  16. Dispense
    To distribute in parts
  17. Expendable
    Not totally necessary
  18. Impend
    To threaten to happen
  19. Penchant
    A strong liking
  20. Pending
    Not yet decied or settled
  21. Preponderance
    Superiority in number or influence
  22. Propensity
    An inborn tendency
  23. Recompense
    To pay or award compensation to
  24. Suspension
    A temporary ceasing of law or a rule
  25. Benediction
    A blessing or expression of good wishes
  26. Colloquium
    An academic seminar
  27. Dictum
    An authoritative pronouncement
  28. Edict
    A formal command
  29. Elocution
    The art of public speaking
  30. Grandiloquence
    A pompous, self-important manner
  31. Indict
    To charge with a crime or wrongdoing
  32. Interlocutor
    A participant in a dialogue
  33. Loquacious
    Very talkative
  34. Soliloquy
    A dramatic speech to oneself
  35. Cadet
    An officer-in-training
  36. Caper
    A daring adventure or prank
  37. Capital
    A government's official location
  38. Capitalism
    Economy based in private ownership
  39. Capitulate
    To surrender; to yield
  40. Caprice
    A sudden change for mind; a whim
  41. Chieftain
    A group or tribe leader
  42. Mishchievious
    Playful in a maughty or troublesome way
  43. Per capita
    Per person
  44. Recapitulate
    To summarize
  45. Coup d'etat
    A sudden overthrow of a government
  46. Dilettante
    A lover of the fine arts; a connoisseur
  47. Elan
    Distinctive style; flair
  48. Entree
    The power, permission, or liberty to enter; admittance
  49. Espirit de corps
    A spirt of comradeship among group members
  50. Laissez faire
    Noninterference in the affairs of others
  51. Noveau riche
    Newly wealthy
  52. Potpourri
    A mixed assortment
  53. Savoir-faire
    Social grace
  54. Tete-a-tete
    A private conversation
  55. Abstract
    Not applied or practical; theoretical
  56. Avant-garde
    Relating to an innovative group
  57. Eclectic
    Employing a variety of elements
  58. Expressionism
    An art style emphasizing inner experiences
  59. Grotesque
    Bizarre; distorted
  60. Hackneyed
    Overfamiliar through overuse; trite
  61. Perspective
    A particular outlook
  62. Representational
    Realistic depiction in the visual arts
  63. Surrealistic
    Oddly dreamlike or unreal
  64. Verisimilitude
    Appearing to be real
  65. Convivial
    Merry; festive
  66. Ebullience
    Zestful; exuberant
  67. Felicitou
    Well-suited; apt
  68. Irascible
    Quick tempered
  69. Placid
    Calm; complacent
  70. Querulous
    Irritable; tending to complain
  71. Sardonic
    Scornfully mocking
  72. Surly
    Ill-humored; gruff
  73. Truculent
    Anxious to fight; scathing
  74. Unctous
    Oily, slippery
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