German Verbs

  1. to bring, brought
    bringen, hat gebracht
  2. to think, to have thought
    denken, hat gedacht
  3. to have, had
    Haben, hat Gehabt
  4. to eat, ate
    Essen, hat gegessen
  5. to find
    Finden, hat gefunden
  6. to give, gave
    Geben, hat gegeben
  7. to name, to have named
    Heissen, Hat Geheissen
  8. to help, to have helped?
    Helfen, hat geholfen
  9. to read, to have read?
    Lesen, hat gelesen
  10. to lay, to be located, to have been located?
    liegen, hat gelegen
  11. to take, to have taken
    nehmen, hat genommen
  12. to shine, appears to be
    Had appeared to be
    Scheinen, hat geschienen
  13. To sleep, To have slept?
    schlafen, hat geschlafen
  14. to write, to have written
    schreiben, hat geschrieben
  15. to watch, to have watched
    sehen, hat gesehen
  16. to sing, to have sang
    Singen, hat gesungen
  17. to speak, to have spoken
    Sprechen, hat gesprochen
  18. to carry, to have carried
    Tragen, hat getragen
  19. to drink, to have drank
    trinken, hat getrunken
  20. to do, to have done
    tun, hat getan
  21. to begin, to have began
    beginnen, hat gegonnen
  22. to recieve, to have recieved
    bekommen, hat bekommen
  23. to recommend, to have recommended
    empfehlen, hat empfohlen
  24. to like, to have liked
    gefallen, hat gefallen
  25. to understand, to have understood
    verstehen, hat verstanden
  26. to congratulate, to have congratulated
    gratulieren, hat gratuliert
  27. to study, to have studied
    studieren, hat studiert
  28. to be, to have been
    sein, ist gewesen
  29. have remained (stayed), to stay
    blieben, ist geblieben
  30. to drive, to have drove
    fahren, ist gefahren
  31. to go, (walk), to have gone/walked
    gehen, ist gegangen
  32. to come, to have come
    kommen, ist gekommen
  33. to run/walk, to have ran.walked
    Laufen, ist gelaufen
  34. to become, has become/became
    werden, ist geworden
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