art vocabulary 1-17-11

  1. Free Verse
    Poetry that has little or no rhyme.
  2. Repetition
    repeated use of some aspect of language.
  3. Lyrical poem
    poem scared of, often, rhyme and rhythm, and often express strong emotions, are treated in a single issue and describing the underlying naturalized imaginatively.
  4. Image
    using language to create beautiful and powerful figures in the mind of the reader using 5 senses.
  5. limericks
    a type of poetry consisting of 5 lines with a rhyme specified; it can be humorous or witty.
  6. Population
    a group of the same type of living creatures that lives in the same place at the same time.
  7. Ecosystem
    all populations of organisms living in an ecosystem.
  8. Habitat
    the place where a population lives in an ecosystem.
  9. Environment
    living things and objects that surround a living thing.
  10. Desert
    an ecosystem where little rain falls.
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