sgu vet anatomy 1 chapter 1 sagittal section head and abdomen

  1. space holding tongue
    oral cavity
  2. muscular organ filling the oral cavity
  3. function in mastication, food gathering
  4. separates nasal and oral cavities
    hard palate
  5. space above hard palate
    nasal cavity
  6. bone foldings in nasal cavity
  7. passageway between nasal conchae & hard palate
    ventral nasal meatus
  8. paranasal space in frontal bone
    frontal sinus
  9. continuation of hard palate, separates oropharynx & nasopharynx
    soft palate
  10. rostral pharynx ventral to soft palate
  11. rostral pharynx above soft palate
  12. part of pharynx into which larynx protrudes
  13. exit from pharynx to stomach
  14. musculocartilaginous structure projecting into laryngopharynx
  15. unpaired, leaf-like cartilaginous structure guarding the enterance of the larynx
  16. unpaired, rostral laryngeal cartilage
    epiglottic cartilage
  17. folds at narrowest part of larynx
    vocal cord
  18. diverticulum rostral and late4ral to the vocal fold
    laryngeal ventricle (NOTE: not bold in the back of chapter but bold in the chapter)
  19. narrowest part of larynx between vocal folds
    glottic cleft
  20. opens the glottic cleft, innervated by recurrent laryngeal nerve
    cricoarytenoideus dorsalis muscle
  21. cartilaginous continuation of larynx
  22. hyoid bone crossing midline
    basihyoid bone
  23. organ caudal to the conchae
  24. abdominal wall muscles consist of
    • (EAO, IAO,TA, RA)
    • lateral wall -
    • 1. external abdominal oblique m.
    • 2. internal abdominal oblique m.
    • 3. transversus abdominis m.
    • vental wall -
    • 4. rectus abdominis m.
  25. the thin flat (sheet-like) tendons of the lateral wall muscles
  26. the straight abdominal muscle on either side of the midline, running longitudinally
    rectus abdominis muscle
  27. the midline connective tissue providing insertion for the aponeurosis of the abdominal muscles
    linea alba
  28. the aponeuroses of the lateral wall of the abdominal muscles covering both sides of the rectus abdominis muscle
    exsternal rectus sheath
  29. serosa lining abdomen & organs
  30. serosa lining wall
    parietal peritoneum
  31. serosa covering organs
    visceral peritoneum
  32. serosa connecting parietal & visceral peritoneum or visceral & visceral
    connection peritoneum
  33. what are the 3 types of peritoneum in the abdominal cavity
    • 1. parietal peritoneum
    • 2. visceral peritoneum
    • 3. connecting peritoneum
  34. fat-filled serosa from umbilicus to the liver and diaphragm; cranial end of an incision of the abdomen
    falciform ligament
  35. serosa covering intestine
    greater omentum
  36. large, dark structure in L abdomen; may cross midline
  37. located in the caudal end of a long abdominal incision
    urinary bladder
  38. area in abdominal wall, diaphragm, caudal ribs
    abdominal cavity
  39. largest abdominal gland, against diaphragm
  40. organ just caudal to liver
  41. small intestinal continuation of the stomach; R side
    descending duodenum
  42. peritoneum connecting visceral peritoneum of duodenum with paritetal peritoneum of dorsal abdomen;connecting serosa, duodenum
  43. in layers of the mesoduodenum
  44. trough between mesoduodenum & body wall, seen when duodenum and mesoduodenum are moved medially
    "right abdominal gutter"
  45. organ thats dorsocranially in R abdominal gutter
    right kidney
  46. coils of small intestine
  47. blind-ended R side, 1st part of large intestine
  48. last small intestine part, enters colon, caudal to cecum
  49. cranial to cecum on R, 2nd part of large intestine
    ascending colon
  50. continuation of the ascending colon, R to L in front of mesentery
    transverse colon
  51. last colon part, L side
    descending colon
  52. connecting serosa/peritoneum to descending colon
  53. through between mesocolon & wall, created when descending colon and mesocolon are pulled medially
    "left abdominal gutter"
  54. caudal to L kidney in females
    left ovary
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