Gatsby Vocab

  1. Amorphous
    • adj
    • Lacking definite form
  2. Combustion
    • noun
    • The act or process of burning
  3. Complacent
    Pleased with oneself
  4. Corpulent
    Large or bulky
  5. Deft
    Skillful; clever
  6. Defunct
    No longer in effect or use
  7. Disconcerting
    Disordering; confusing
  8. Euphemism
    The substitution of a mild expression for a harsh one
  9. Exalted
    Raised or elevated, as in rank or character
  10. Garrulous
    Excessively talkative
  11. Haughty
    Disdainfully proud; snobbish
  12. Punctilious
    Strict with the observance of conduct and formalities
  13. Rancor
    Bitter resentment or ill will
  14. Somnambulist
    Sleep Walker
  15. Strident
    Making or having a harsh sound
  16. Supercilious
    Disdainful or contemptuous
  17. Turbulent
    Being in a state of agitation or tumult
  18. Unobtrusive
    Not protruding or projecting
  19. Vacuous
    Without contents; empty
  20. Vicarious
    Performed, exercised, received, or suffered in place of another
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