sgu vet anatomy 1 chapter 1 muscles

  1. muscle of the lateral trunk
    cutaneous trunci muscle
  2. muscle that connects a limb to the body
    extrinsic muscles
  3. muscle that has both attachments on the same limb
    intrinsic muscles
  4. the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles do to the shoulder
    stabilize the shoulder (NOTE: check the book, i'm not sure :( )
  5. grouped into flexors and extensors of the elbow
    arm muscles (brachium)
  6. a group of muscles that's innervated by the radial nerve, they cross the extensor side of the elbow to insert on the olecranon
    extensors of the elbow (eg, biceps brachii m.)
  7. a group of muslces that crosses the flexor side of the elbow
    flexors of the elbow (eg, biceps brachii m.)
  8. divided into flexors and extensors of the carpus and digits
    forearm (antebrachial) muscles
  9. located craniolaterally, they are innervated by the radial nerve
    extensors of digits and carpus
  10. located caudally and is found in the forearm
    flexors of digits and carpus
  11. arise cranial to the thorax and move the ribs cranially and laterally to increase the volume of the thorax
    inspiratory muscle
  12. the major inspiratory muscle
  13. arise caudal to the thorax and move the ribs caudally and medially to decrease the volume of the thorax
    expiratory muscle
  14. 3 lateral muscles and the rectus abdominis muscle
    abdominal wall muscles
  15. flat tendons of the lateral abdominal muscles that form a sheath around the rectus abdominis muscle
  16. the straight abdominal muscle on either side of the midline, running longitudially
    rectus abdominis muscle
  17. the aponeuroses of the abdominal muscles covering the rectus abdominis muscle
    external rectus sheath
  18. muscles located above the transverse processes of the vertebrae
    epaxial muscles
  19. muscles located below the transverse processes of the vertebrae
    hypaxial muscles
  20. a hypaxial muscle located ventral to the bodies of the cervical vertebae
    longus colli muscle
  21. these muscles are superficial to the trachea
    strap muscles
  22. muscles that pass from the ventral surface of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae to the hip bone and femur; part of the hypaxial muscles
    sublumbar muscles
  23. muscles that mainly extend the hip
    rump or gluteal muscles
  24. made up of 3 sets of muscles in the upper pelvic limb
    thigh muscles
  25. made up with the quadriceps femoris muscle that extends the stifle, innervated by the femoral nerve
    cranial thigh muscles
  26. the adductor group thats innervated by the obturator nerve and adducts a pelvic limb
    medial thigh muscles
  27. innervated by the sciatic nerve, they extend the hip joint and have varied actions on the stifle and tarsus
    caudal muslces of thigh/hamstring muscles
  28. muscles grouped into craniolateral extensor and caudal flexor according to their effect on the digits in the pelvic limbs
    muscles of crus
  29. craniolateral muscles that are innervated by the peroneal nerve (common fibular nerve)
    extensors of digits and flexors of tarsus
  30. caudal muscles that are innervated by the tibial nerves
    flexors of digits and extensors of tarsus
  31. the interosseous muscle (suspensory ligament) in horses is the only significant muscle in what
    the pes and manus muscles
  32. what are the thin muscles of the face innervated by the facial nerve
    muscles of facial expression
  33. a muscle of facial expression, it's sphincter fibers encircle the eye;innervated by the auriculopalpebral branch of the facial nerve
    orbicularis oculi muscle
  34. innervated by the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve
    muscles of mastication
  35. connects the eye to the body, moves the eye, and are innervated by the 3rd, 4th, 6th cranial nerves
    extrinsic muscles of the eye
  36. muscles responsible for swallowing
    muscles of the pharynx (CrN 9/10)
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