2nd 9 weeks Test Review

  1. What is the term for the theory that the sun is at the center and the earth revolves around the sun? Who developed this theory?
    • -heliocentric
    • -Copernicus
  2. Who discovered the laws of planetary motion? What did this show about the orbits of planets?
    • -Kepler
    • -Orbits were Eliptical
  3. Who discovered the laws of gravity?
  4. wrote "The Spirit of Laws"
  5. Who was best known of the Enlightenment thinkers for stressing tolerance? How did this thinker impact religion?
    • -Voltaire
    • -Separation of Church & State
  6. Who believed that a strong govt was needed to control people because people are violent and selfish in the state of nature? What was his book?
    • -Hobbes
    • -Leviathan
  7. Who wrote "The Social Contract" and stated that men needed a direct democracy representing the General Will?
  8. The artistic movement of the 1700's that BEST reflects the scientific rationalism of the enlightenment was
  9. What were 3 characteristics of this art?
    • 1. Public Events
    • 2. Portraits
    • 3. Literature- Modern Novel
  10. Who was the most famous musician of the classicism movement? What form of writing developed during this time? What is an example?
    • -Sebastian Bach
    • -Novel
    • -Don Quixote
  11. What enlightenment innovations impacted trade?
    • -All weather roads
    • -Ships
    • -Tools
  12. Why was the storming of the Bastille important?
    It was a symbolic act of revolution to the French people
  13. The French Revolution was based on the ideals of the __________
  14. The revolution ended with the rise of __________
  15. The _________________ met to restore order to Europe
    Congress Of Vienna
  16. Monarchs who had lost their thrones during Napoleons rule were ______________________
    restored to the throne
  17. The leaders of the Congress of Vienna wanted to preserve existing institutions and traditions, which is called ____________.
  18. The political philosophy that favors increasing personal freedom is ____________
  19. During the 19th century, nationalism became a _____________ in European politics.
    Key Figure
  20. Nationalism grew because of national _________, econmic ____________, and __________ ideals.
    • -pride
    • -competition
    • -democratic
  21. The Congress of Vienna tried to stop the growth of new philosophies like _________ & _________
    • -liberalism
    • -conservatism
  22. The system created by the Congress of Vienna caused ________ throughout Europe
  23. The Europeans created a rigid social _________
    class system
  24. Only ___________ could be viceroys or colonial officers.
  25. Creoles were _________________________
    2nd Blood related to Europe
  26. Mestizos were _________________
    mixed race
  27. ______________ led the revolution in Haiti against the country of french
    Toussant Louverture
  28. __________ led the revolution in Mexico against Spanish
    Father Miguel Hidalgo
  29. ______________ led the northern South Americans against British
    Simon Bolivar
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