AP Psych Review Chapter 8

  1. learning
    relatively permanent change in organism's behavior
  2. associative learning
    learning that events occur together
  3. classical conditioning
    stimulus-stimulus learning
  4. behaviorism
    psychology should study behavior
  5. unconditioned response
    unlearned natural response
  6. unconditioned stimulus
    naturally triggers a response
  7. conditioned response
    learned response to a previously neutral stimulus
  8. conditioned stimulus
    originally irrelevant stimulus now triggers response
  9. acquisition
    associating neutral and unconditioned stimulus
  10. extinction
    diminishing of conditioned response
  11. spontaneous recovery
    reappearance of diminished response
  12. generalization
    tendency for similar stimuli to trigger some response
  13. discrimination
    ability to distinguish between stimuli
  14. operant conditioning
    response-consequence learning
  15. respondent behavior
    automatic response to simulus
  16. operant behavior
    behavior that operates on the environment
  17. law of effect
    rewarded behavior repeats, punished behavior diminishes
  18. operant chamber
    Skinner Box, pushing a lever releases food
  19. shaping
    reinforcers guide behaviors
  20. reinforcer
    an event that strengthens behavior
  21. positive reinforcement
    adding incentives to repeat behaviors
  22. negative reinforcement
    removing negative stimuli to repeat behaviors
  23. primary reinforcers
    reinforcer that satisfies a biological need
  24. conditioned reinforcers
    reinforces through association with primary reinforcer
  25. continuous reinforcement
    reinforces every time a behavior occurs
  26. partial reinforcement
    only reinforces sometime a behavior occurs
  27. fixed-ratio schedule
    only after a specified number of times
  28. variable-ratio schedule
    unpredictable time intervals
  29. punishment
    event that decreases behavior
  30. cognitive map
    mental representation of one's surroundings
  31. latent learning
    unapparent learning
  32. intrinsic motivation
    desire to perform a behavior for its own sake
  33. extrinsic motivation
    desire to perform a behavior due to promised rewards
  34. observational learning
    learning by observation
  35. modeling
    observing and imitating behavior
  36. mirror neurons
    fire when observing emotions (empathy)
  37. prosocial behavior
    positive constructive helpful behavior
  38. Bandura
    • Bobo Doll Experiment
    • learn through imitating
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