World Foundations II Jan-5-2011

  1. Who said, "God was the only reality?"
  2. In the middle ages Christainity add 3 virtues to the four cardinal virtues. What are they?
    Faith, hope, and love.
  3. The 13th century riligious ritural gave rise to the demand for new kinds of images, what were they? (3)
    1) The Alterpiece.

    2) Celecrant's position to front of alter.

    3) Crucifixes/Madonna and Christ child on alters
  4. Final break from Byzantine traditions was by?
  5. Who painted the Adoration of the Magi at the Scovegni/Arena Chapel? Also, What dates?

  6. What characteristics best discribe the 14th century International Gothic style? (2)
    1) Elegent and refined

    2) Great attention to decrative detail and landscapes
  7. Which (2) people painted the Annunciation between St. Ansano and St. Judith?
    Simone Martini and Lippo Memmi in 1333
  8. Regarded as the culminating work of the International Gothic painting? And by whom?
    Adoration of the Magi, by Gentile de Labriano
  9. What is a Predella?
    Little painting under the actual painting.
  10. Who painted the Brancacci Chapel? (2)
    What did they paint? (3)
    1) Massacio (Expulsion)

    In between (Long journey to pressence of God, stories from life of Peter)

    2) Mosolino (Garden)
  11. How many parts are there in The Tribute Money story?
    3: Middle, left, and then right.
  12. Who painted the Cavalcade of the Magi?
    Benozzo Gozzoli
  13. In the painting Cavalcade of the Magi, by Benozzo Gozzoli, what were some of the Medici emblems? (3)
    1) Diamonds

    2) Rings

    3) Semper (Latin: Forever)
  14. In the painting Cavalcade of the Magi, by Benozzo Gozzoli, what do the three Kings symbolize? Who were they?
    Ages of man.

    Old, middle aged, and young.

    Two old Kings and a Lorenzo Medici (young)
  15. Who painted the Primavera?
    Sandro Botticelli
  16. Six Renaissance Characteristics were?

    • 1. Human Achievements
    • 2. Mortal Fame
    • 3. Realistic Bodies
    • 4. Harmony & Order
    • 5. Balence of Sacred and Secular
    • 6. Truth throgh Reason
  17. Who painted the Birth of Venus?
    Sandro Botticelli
  18. Who painted The Sistine Chapel?
  19. What is the main theme on the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel?
    Need for a Savior.
  20. During Michelangelo Sistine Chapel, the Church emphesized humanity as essetially ______ & ______?
    Humanism emphesized humanity as ______ & ______?

    Michelangelo __________ ____.
    sinful & flawed.

    noble & beautiful.

    harnesses both.
  21. What are Sibyls?
    Prophetesses (Christain allies in a helenitic world)
  22. When you see a woman carrying a head on a platter who is it? Also, who's head?
    Judith cut off Holofernes' head while he was drunk and saved her people.
  23. Who painted The Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel? WHEN?
    Michelangelo. 1537-1541 (4yrs)
  24. Who did Michelangelo paint in hell?
    Biagio de Cesena (because he had a problem with all the nudity in the chapel)
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