AP Psych Chapter 6 Review

  1. selective attention
    focusing on particular stimulus
  2. in-attentional blindness
    failing to see visible objects when attention is elsewhere
  3. visual capture
    vision dominates other senses
  4. gestalt
    whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  5. figure-ground
    objects stand out from surroundings
  6. grouping
    tendency to organize stimuli
  7. depth perception
    judge distances
  8. visual cliff
    testing depth perception in infants
  9. binocular cues
    depth cues requiring use of two eyes
  10. retinal disparity
    comparing two images from two eyes to judge depth
  11. convergence
    uses angle of eyeballs to judge depth
  12. connectedness
    linked items are seen as one
  13. continuity
    we see smooth, continuous patterns
  14. similarity
    we group similar objects
  15. closure
    fill in gaps to create complete, whole objects
  16. linear perspective
    parallel lines converge to show depth
  17. texture gradient
    texture differences show depth
  18. relative height
    higher objects seen as farther away
  19. monocular cues
    depth cues seen by one eye
  20. phi phenomenon
    seeing "moving lights" when close lights blink in succession
  21. perceptual constancy
    perceive objects as unchanging
  22. perceptual adaptation
    ability to adjust to displaced sense
  23. perceptual set
    predisposition to perceive one thing and not another
  24. human factors psychology
    finds ways to make machines better
  25. extrasensory perception (ESP)
    perception can occur apart from sensory input
  26. parapsychology
    study of paranormal phenomena
  27. telepathy
    mind to mind communication
  28. precognition
    seeing future events
  29. clairvoyance
    perceiving remote events
  30. psychokinesis
    "mind over matter"
  31. schemas
    organize and interpret unfamiliar information
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