Chapter 2 Exam: Making Moral Decisions

  1. What aids us in making moral decisions?
    The virtue of prudence: right reason in action- St. Thomas Aquinas
  2. Four Major Steps in the Process of Decision Making:
    • Search
    • Think
    • Others
    • Pray
  3. What aids us in making moral decisions?
  4. What is discerment?
    sifting through our thoughts and feelings to uncover the truth; clear recognition
  5. Before making a decision, you need to __.
    You need to know __ (6)
    Knowing this helps you to make better choices
    • search out the facts
    • who
    • what
    • when
    • where
    • why
    • how
  6. Search out the Facts:
    Answering the __ gives us the object
    #1. ___ (what) Moral content of an action.

    •Is this action directed to a true good?
    Actions __
    Actions __
    Actions __
    • Moral object
    • express who we are
    • form us
    • impact others
  7. Search out the Facts:
    Answering the __ gives you the intention

    •#2. ___ (why) the aim or objective of a course of action. (___)

    –Remember to __
    - Remember ___
    • Why
    • intention
    • motive
    • your intentions good
    • the end does not justify the means
  8. Search out the Facts

    •Answering the __, __, __, __ gives you the circumstances.

    •#3. ___: (when, where, who, how) conditions/facts surrounding an action.---can increase or decrease its evil or goodness.
    • when, where, who and how
    • Circumstances:
  9. Think anout __ and __

    •___: look at various vantage points to arrive at the truth.
    •Use thinking, imagination and creativity.
    • alternatives
    • consequences
    • alternatives
  10. ___:

    •Consider the long term and the short term effects of your actions on:
    Yourself, others, the world and God.
  11. ___:
    Be aware and considerate of __.
    How will our actions affect __?
    Be consultive of __?
    How might __ help me in this situation?
    Others x5
  12. __:
    For guidance and wisdom
  13. The Art and Skill of __.
    • Discernment
    • St. Ignatius of Loyola
    • 16th century
    • Spain
    • Spanish soldier---wounded in battle—in his time of recuperation he reads Scripture/Lives of the Saints—he notices what happens in himself---notices “movements” of consolation. Writes what he has learned about prayer/life.
    • To teach others how to discern (see truth)
  14. St. Ignatius of Loyola
    The Spiritual Exercises
  15. ___
    Jesuit Colleges and Universities
    Society of Jesus
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