sgu vet anatomy 1: chapter 1: joints

  1. union of 2 or more bones
    joint or articulation
  2. immovable, fibrous joint - between skull bones
  3. the joint between the left and right halves of the mandible
  4. joints of the ear bones
    auditory ossicles
  5. type of joint the hyoid apparatus
  6. joint of the axis and skull
    atlanto-occipital (yes) joint
  7. pivot joint of the atlas and axis
    atlantoaxial (no) joint
  8. synovial cranial and caudal articular processes between adjacent vertebrae
    joints of the vertebral articular processes
  9. skull to thoracic vertebral spinous processes
    nuchal ligament
  10. continuation of the nuchal ligament - top of spinous processes
    supraspinous ligament
  11. cartilaginous between adjacentvertebral bodies
    intervertebral discs
  12. joints between ribs and vertebrae
    costovertebral joints
  13. 1st 8 costal cartilages and sternum
    sternocostal joints
  14. fibrous - bony rib and costal cartilage
    costochondral joints
  15. joint between humerus and scapula
    shoulder joint or scapulohumeral joint
  16. joint between the humerus and ulna/radius
    elbow (cubital) joint
  17. a compound hinge joint found in the thoracic limb
    carpus ("wrist")
  18. joint between the radius/ulna and carpals
    antebrachiocarpal joint
  19. joint between the 2 rows of carpals
    middle carpal joint
  20. joint bwtween carpals and metacarpals
    carpometacarpal joint
  21. joint between metacarpal, P1 and palmar and dorsal sesamoids
    metacarpophalangeal (MP) joint
  22. hinge joint between P1 and P2
    proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint
  23. saddle joint between P2 and P3
    distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint
  24. all thoracic and pelvic limb's ligaments are these except for the shoulder and hip
    collateral ligaments
  25. synovial and cartilaginous joint between the sacrum and ilium
    sacroiliac joint
  26. cartilaginous joint between the 2 hip bones
    pelvic symphysis
  27. joint between the femur and hip bone
    hip/coxal joint
  28. connects the head of the femur to the acetabulum
    ligament of the head of the femur
  29. joint between the femur and patella
    stifle (genual) joint
  30. joint between femur/patella and femur/tibia - compound, synovial, and condylar
    stifle (genual) joint
  31. joint between the femur and patella
    femoropatellar joint
  32. joint between the femoral and tibial condyles
    med and lat femorotibial joints
  33. ligament between the patella and tibial tuberosity
    patellar ligament
  34. fibrocartilaginous discs between the tibia and femur
  35. 2 intra-articular ligaments between the femur and tibia
    cruciate ligaments
  36. compound hinge between the leg and metatarsus
  37. hinge joint between tarsals, tibia and fibula
    tarsocrural joint
  38. joint between prox row and central row and 4th tarsal joints
    prox intertarsal joint
  39. joint between central and distal rows of the tarsals
    distal intertarsal joint
  40. joint between tarsals and metatarsals
    tarsometatarsal joint
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