Word Geography Chapter 21 Vocab Words

  1. Golan Heights
    a hilly plateau over looking jordan river and the sea of Galilee .
  2. Wadi
    riverbedsthat reman dry except during the rainy seasons
  3. Tigris
    One of the mostimportant rivers of the southwest Asia ; it supported several ancient rivervalley civilizations , and flows through psrts of Turkey , Syria , and Iraq .
  4. Euphrates
    a river of southwest Asia which supported several ancient civilizations and flows through parts of Turkey , Syria , and Iraq and empties into the Persian Gufl .
  5. Jordan River
    Provides one of the most percious resources in the entire region .
  6. Dead Sea
    a land locked salt lake .
  7. Rub al-Khali
    Empty Quarter vast desert approximately the siz or Texas on the Arabian Peninsula .
  8. oasis
    area in the desert where vegetation is found because water is visable
  9. Salt Flat
    land made of chemical salts that remain after winds evaporate the moisture in the soil .
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Word Geography Chapter 21 Vocab Words
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