English Vocab

  1. Caustic
    Corrosive (adj)
  2. Deleterious
    Harmful (adj)
  3. Despoil
    To plunder (v)
  4. Effectual
    Fully adequate; effective (adj)
  5. Obviate
    To make unnecessary (v)
  6. Pinnancle
    Peak; most successful point (n)
  7. Raze
    To level to the ground (v)
  8. Stultify
    To make useless or ineffective
  9. Surmount
    To overcome (v)
  10. Wrest
    To obtain by force or great effort (v)
  11. Deplore
    To condemn (v)
  12. Disconsolate
    Hopelessly dejected or sad (adj)
  13. Domineering
    Tyrannical (adj)
  14. Halcyon
    Peaceful (adj)
  15. Lachrymose
    Tearful (adj)
  16. Mercurial
    Quick and changeable temperament; volatile (adj)
  17. Revel
    To make merry; to celebrate (v)
  18. Sanguine
    Optimistic (adj)
  19. Tirade
    A long, angry speech (n)
  20. Vex
    To baffle (v)
  21. Commodious
    Spacious (adj)
  22. Finite
    Having an ending or a boundary (adj)
  23. Gamut
    The complete range of something (n)
  24. Incalculable
    Beyond measurement (adj)
  25. Iota
    A tiny bit (n)
  26. Lofty
    Elevated in character (adj)
  27. Minuscule
    Tiny; very small (adj)
  28. Picayune
    Petty; trivial
  29. Vestige
    A visible trace (n)
  30. Wane
    To diminish in power of size (v)
  31. Apathetic
    Indifferent (adj)
  32. Consecrate
    To declare as holy (v)
  33. Credo
    A statement of beliefs (n)
  34. Heinous
    Evil; abominable (adj)
  35. Ingrate
    An ungrateful person (n)
  36. Piety
    Religious reverence (n)
  37. Sacrilegious
    Extremely irreverent towards what is sacred (adj)
  38. Santimony
    False show of righteousness (n)
  39. Sanctity
    Sacredness (n)
  40. Timorous
    Apprehensive; timid (adj)
  41. Berserk
    Destructively violent (adj)
  42. Jubilee
    A gala celebrating a fiftieth anniversary
  43. Juggernaut
    An overwhelming force
  44. Kowtow
    To show servant-like submission; to fawn
  45. Maelstrom
    An unsettling or violent situation
  46. Mecca
    A center of interest
  47. Nabob
    A wealthy person
  48. Saga
    An epic tale
  49. Shibboleth
    A word or pronunciation that is particular to a certain group
  50. Trek
    A difficult journey
  51. Cavort
    To lead or dance in high spirits
  52. Emanate
    To send forth
  53. Meander
    To wander
  54. Retrogress
    To go backwards
  55. Serpentine
    Resembling a snake in form or movement
  56. Supersede
    To supplant
  57. Torpid
    Lethargic; inactive
  58. Transitory
    Temporary; short lived
  59. Undulate
    To move with a smooth, wavelike motion
  60. Unremitting
    Never letting up; persistent
  61. Extenuation
    A particular excuse
  62. Portent
    An omen
  63. Pretentious
  64. Retentive
    Able to remember or store something
  65. Retinue
    An entourage
  66. Sustain
    To support; to maintain or provide for
  67. Sustenance
    Something that supplies life, strength, health
  68. Tenacious
    Holding stubbornly to something
  69. Tenement
    A run-down, low-rent apartment building
  70. Untenable
    Incapable of being defended, held or occupied
  71. Animus
    A dispostion
  72. Corpulent
    Very fat; obese
  73. Corpus
    A large collection of writing
  74. Corpuscle
    An unattached body cell
  75. Equanimity
    Calmness; composure
  76. Inanimate
    Not alive
  77. Incorporate
    To include as part of a whole
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