AP Psychology Chapter 1 Review

  1. hindsight bias
    • "I knew it all along"
    • the tendency to believe, after learning an outcome, that one would have foreseen it
  2. critical thinking
    • thinking that does not blindly accept arguments and conclusions
    • examines assumptions, discerns hidden values, evaluates evidence, and assesses conclusions
  3. theory
    explains by organizing and predicting events
  4. hypothesis
    testable predicition
  5. operational definition
    statement of procedures to define research variables
  6. replication
    repeating a study
  7. case study
    an in-depth study of ONE person
  8. survey
    many cases in less depth
  9. false consensus effect
    overestimating others' agreement with us
  10. population
    all cases in group
  11. random sample
    sample that represents a population well
  12. naturalistic observation
    watching in natural habitat
  13. positive correlation
    as one increases, the other does too
  14. negative correlation
    as one decreases, the other increases
  15. scatter plot
    graph of correlations in studies
  16. illusory correlation
    perception of a relationship where there isn't one
  17. experiment
    research method using independent and dependent variables
  18. double-blind procedure
    both participant and staff ignorant of treatment vs. placebo
  19. placebo effect
    results caused by expectation
  20. experimental condition
    those who receive treatment
  21. control condition
    placebo; used as a baseline
  22. random assignment
    assigning people to experimental and control conditions randomly
  23. independent variable
    variable that is manipulated
  24. dependent variable
    variable that is measured
  25. mode
    most frequent
  26. mean
  27. median
  28. range
    difference between highest and lowest
  29. standard deviation
    how much scores vary from mean
  30. statistical significance
    how likely the result occurred by chance
  31. culture
    behavior and ideas shared by a large group of people and passed down generations
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