sgu vet anatomy 1: chapter 1: skeleton

  1. head, neck, and trunk make up what division of the skeletal system
    axial skeleton
  2. bones of the head
  3. the lower jaw holding the lower teeth
  4. suspends the larynx from the skull
    hyoid apparatus
  5. parts/sections of vertebral column/back
    1.cervical 2.thoracic 3.lumbar 4.sacrum 5.caudal
  6. the neck part of the backbone
    cervical vertebrae
  7. part of the backbone that articulates with ribs
    thoracic vertebrae
  8. part of the backbone that's at the loin or caudal back
    lumbar vertebrae
  9. the part of the backbone thats fused in the croup
  10. the part of the backbone that makes up the tail
    caudal vertebrae
  11. ribs, sternum and thoracic vertebrae make up what
    bony thoracic
  12. flat bones of the bony thorax
  13. 7 sternebrae
  14. the 1st sternebra
  15. last sternebra
    xiphoid bone
  16. all the bones of the limbs make up what
    appendicular skeleton
  17. the 2 scapulae make up what
    thoracic girdle or shoulder girdle
  18. the flat, triangular bone of the shoulder
  19. makes up the brachium
  20. the weight-bearing bone of the forearm
  21. forearm muscle attachment bone
  22. bones that makes up the antibrachium
    radius and ulna
  23. 2 rows of short bones below the radius and ulna
    carpal bones
  24. the carpal bone on the medial side
    radial carpal bone
  25. the carpal bone lateral and palmar
    accessory carpal bone
  26. 5 long bones connecting the "wrist" bones to the "fingers"
    metacarpal bones
  27. phalanges and associated sesamoids
    digital bones
  28. what's equivalent to fingers in humans
  29. the closest bone of a phalanges near the metacarpals
    proxmial phalanx or P1
  30. the middle bone of a phalanges
    middle phalanx or P2
  31. the bone of a phalanges with the nail or claw on it
    distal phalanx or P3
  32. bones found in the plantar, metacarpo-/metatarsophalangeal joint
    proximal sesamoid bones/sesamoinds
  33. the 2 hip bones and sacrum make up what
    bony pelvis
  34. the ilium, ischium, and pubis
    hip bone or ossa coxae
  35. cranial hip bone
  36. caudal hip bone
  37. ventrocranial hip bone
  38. the 2 hip bones make up what
    pelvic girdle
  39. the bone of the thigh
  40. the knee bone that's a sesamoid bone
  41. large, weight bearing bone of the leg/crus
  42. the small bone of the leg/crus
  43. 2 1/2 bones between the leg/crus and the foot
    tarsal bones
  44. lateral and planter bone of the hock, point of the hock
  45. the bone in the tarsus on the medial side of the proximal row, articulates with the tibia
  46. 4 long bones thats between the "ankle" and the "toes" that make up the "foot"
    metatarsal bones
  47. what makes up the accessory skeleton (visceral or splanchnic)
    os penis
  48. the bone in the dog's penis
    os penis
  49. what are the different types of bones
    short, flat, irregular, sesamoid, long
  50. cube-shaped type of bone (carpal and small tarsals)
    short bone
  51. bone type of the skull and ribs
    flat bone
  52. bone type of thevertebrae and certain facial bones
    irregular bone
  53. bone type of the small bone in tendon - patella
    sesamoid bone
  54. bone type thats longer then wide
  55. the shaft (body) of a long bone
  56. the 2 enlarged ends of a long bone
  57. the joining of the body/shaft and the 2 enlarged ends of a long bone
  58. the covering of the long bone that doesn't include the part with cartilage
  59. made of hyaline cartilage and found on the ends of long bones
    articular surface
  60. space within the diaphysis
    medullary cavity
  61. tissue lining medullary cavity
  62. any outgrowth of bone
    apophysis or a process
  63. compact bone surrounding medullary cavity
  64. growth cartilage between diaphysis and epiphyses
    epiphyseal growth plate or physis
  65. gross term for solid bone
    compact bone
  66. bone with visible spaces
    cancellous bone
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