Maddie vocab 1/18

  1. accustom
    to make familiar
  2. alert
    watchful; wide-awake
  3. assign
    to select for a position or for what has to be done
  4. budge
    to move or shift
  5. burly
    bug and strongly built
  6. companion
    one who spends time with or does things with another
  7. compatible
    getting along well together
  8. concept
    a general idea or thought about something
  9. distract
    to draw one's thoughts or attention away from the subject at hand
  10. jostle
    to push or shove
  11. patient
    willing to wait without complaining
  12. obedient
    doing what one is asked or told
  13. obstacle
    something that prevents one from moving forward
  14. pedestrian
    a person who is walking; someone traveling on foot
  15. retire
    to stop working because one has reached a certain age
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