1. Standards of conduct
    Article 1110
  2. No officer shall borrow or accept deposits from or have pecuniary dealings w/ an enlisted member, except as may be required by his/her duty or a sale of an item which was not previously owned by the govt and is for sale to another person under the same condition or guarantee.
    Article 1111
  3. Lending money or engaging in a trade or business; no member is authorized to lend money w/ an interest exceeding 18 percent. Trading or selling in a business sense is not authorized.
    Article 1112
  4. Compliance w/ a lawful order
    Article 1132
  5. Obligation to report an offense
    Article 1137
  6. Service examinations: Do not attempt to possess, obtain, publish, purchase or receive examination material. Attempt to attain, or disclose any information prior to an examination.
    Article 1145
  7. Redress of wrong committed by a superior
    Article 1150
  8. Direct communications w/ the CO
    Article 1151
  9. Communications w/ Congress: No person in DON shall apply to congress or respond to congress in his/her capacity w/out the authorization of the SECNAV
    Article 1154
  10. Forwarding individual requests
    Article 1156
  11. Quality and quantity of rations
    Article 1158
  12. Alcoholic beverages on a ship
    Article 1162
  13. Discharge of oil, garbage, or waste: US prohibits area is 50NM, garbage must not be discharged w/in 12NM, and oily waste must not be discharged w/in 50NM
    Article 1163
  14. EO
    Article 1164
  15. Fraternization prohibited
    Article 1165
  16. Sexual harrassment
    Article 1166
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