Chapter 28 Vocab

  1. Define Budding
    Budding is an asexual process in which part of a yeast cell pinches itself off to produce a small offspring cell
  2. Define Chitin
    Chitin is a complex polysaccharide not found in bacteria, protists, or other microorganisms.
  3. Define Coenocytic
    referring to filaments without internal cross walls
  4. Define Conidium
    A spore produced during asexual reproduction in ascomycetes
  5. Define Conidiosphore
  6. Define Dimorphism
    The existence of distinct, genetically determined forms of the same species, such as male and female forms
  7. Define Fragmentaiton
    In fungi, a form of asexual reproduction in which individual cells are released that act like spores.
  8. Define Hypha
    The Vegetative filament of a fungus
  9. Define Mold
    In fungi, a mass of tangled filaments of cells, such as the fungus that grows on bread
  10. Define Mycology
    The study of fungi
  11. Define Mycelium
    A mat of interwoven hyphae
  12. Define Septa
    A Wall dividing hyphae into cells
  13. Define Sporangiophore
    In some funi, an upright hypha that produces sporangia
  14. Define Sporangiosphore
    in fungi, a specialized hypha supporting a sporangium
  15. Define Sporangium
    a spore-brearing sac in plants, algae, and fungi
  16. Define Yeast
    unicelluar fungus whose colonies resemble those of bacteria; known as the microorganisms that make bread rise
  17. Define Antheridium
    In plants, algae, and fungi a reproductive structure that produces gametes by mitosis
  18. Define Ascocarp
    The fruiting body of an ascomycete
  19. Define Ascogonium
    a gamete-producing structure in ascomycetes
  20. Define Ascospore
  21. Define Ascus
    A spore sac that forms on the surface of an ascocarp
  22. Define Basidium
    A specialized club-shaped reprodctive structure that forms on the gills of mushrooms
  23. Define Basidiocarp
    The fruiting body of a basidiomucete
  24. Define Basidispore
    Germinates to produce haploid mycelia that grow underground
  25. Define Crustose
    A type of lichen that grows as a layer on rocks and trees
  26. Define Dikaryotic
    Cells containing two nuclei
  27. Define Foliose
    Live on flat surfaces, where they form matlike growths with tangled bodies
  28. Define Fruticose
    shrublike lichens
  29. Define Fungi Imperfecti
    Fungi that do not have a sexual stage are placed in this group; deuteromycota.
  30. Define Gametangium
    A sexual reproductive structure that contains a nucleus of a mating type
  31. Define Lichen
    represent symbiotic relationships between a fungus and a photosynthetic partner (usually a cyanobacterium or green alga)
  32. Define Monokaryotic
    Cells that contain one nucleus
  33. Define Mycorrhiza
    A symbiotic association between a fungus adn plant roots
  34. Define Rhizoid
    The hyphae that anchor the mold to the surface of the bread and that penetrate the bread's surface
  35. Define Stolon
    Other hyphae that grow across the surface of the bread
  36. Define Zygosporangium
    Forms a thick wall and becomes dormant
  37. Define aflatoxin
    Poisions produced by some species of Aspergillus; causes liver cancer.
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