The United States in World War II

  1. In "Japaneses Advances" It was a General who was in command af Allied forces on the islands and President Roosevelt told him to leave.
    Douglas MacArthur
  2. In the "Battle of midway" He was the commander of American naval forces in the Pacific, moved to defend the island and his scout planes found the Japanese Fleet.
    Chester Nimitz
  3. In this Battle the Japaneses had lost 4 aircraft carriers and 250 planes and it was a turning point in the pacific war. What was the name of this battle?
    The battle of midway
  4. In the "Japanese Defense" What was the name where japanese pilots crashed their bomb-laden planes into Allied ships also means "dive wind" and killed themselves?
  5. In the "Mahhattan Project" what was the name of the American scientist, which helped to develop the atomic bomb?
    J. Robert Oppenheimer
  6. "Enola gay" released an Atomic bomb over?
  7. After the bomb released over Hiroshima the plane name "fat-man" dropped another bomb over?
  8. This trials put over Germany to pay the price of what they caused on the war, the defendants included Hitler's most trusted party pfficials ect. What is the name of this trial?
    The Nuremberg Trials
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The United States in World War II
The United States in World War II