The United States in World War II

  1. In the "North African Front" He argued that an invasion across the English channel would force Hitler to divert troops from the Soviet Union . Instead, they launched Operations Torch, an invasion of Axis-contolled North Africa. Whos was the commanded General?
    Dwight Eisenhower
  2. Eisenhower planned to attack Normandy in Norther France to attack the Germans. On June 5, they were going to attakc but it was bad weather the Eisenhower gave the go-ahead, which was the first day of the invation.
  3. In the "Allies Gain Ground" This General unleashed massive air and land bombardment against the anemy providing a gap in the German line. What is the name of this General?
    Omar Bradley
  4. Omar Bradley bombed the German line of defense and Provided the advance of this General and his third Army. On August 23 this General reached the Seine River South of Paris.
    George Patton
  5. 8 German tank divisions came to American defenses along an 80-mile front. Hilter hoped if he split Americans and British, he will stop Allied supply lines. The tanks came into Allied territory createring a bulge in the lines. What was the name offensive?
    Battle of the Bulge
  6. In the "Liberations of the Death Camps" Eisenhower accepted the unconditional surrender of the third Reich. On May 8, 1945, the Allied celebrated, in which the war in Europe was finally over. What is the name os this celebration?
    V-E Day
  7. After Roosevelt death, who was the Vice President who bacame the nation's 33rd president?
    Hanrry S. Truman
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The United States in World War II
The United States in World War II