The United States in World War II

  1. After Pearl Harbor Americans jammed recruiting offices but even the 5 million who volunteered for military were not enough to face the challenge. What system expanded the draft and eventually provided another 10 millions soliders to meet the armed forces' needs.?
    Selective Service and the GI
  2. In "Expanding the Military" The General George Marshall made a bill. Under this bill, women volunteers wouls serve in noncombat positions, worked as nurses, ambulance drivers,radio operators and pilots. What is the name of this bill?
  3. In "Recruting and Discrimination" Restricted to racially segregated neighborhoods and reservations and denied basic citizenship rights. Who were the most affected for this discriminations?
    African Americans. Mexican Americans
  4. In "Dramatic Contributions" 300,000 Mexican Americans joined the armed forces. 1,000,000 African American also served in the military. As African and Mexican Americans joined the army, what other group of people enlisted and also they were to serve as spies and interpreters in the Pacific War
  5. In the "A production Miracle" almost all factories turned into war production even a mechanical pencils turned out bomb parts. What was the name of the comopany who had built seven massive new shipyards that turned out Liberty ships, tankers, troop trasnport and "baby" aircraft?
    industrialist Henry J. Kaiser.
  6. In "Labor's contribution" contractors warned the Selective Service System that the nation did not have enough workers to meet both its military and industrial needs but they were wrong because 18 millions workers were laboring in war industries. Americans refused to hire African Americans, to protest such discrimination the founder of the brotherhood of sleeping Car organized a march on Washington. He wanted the right to work and fight for our contry. What is the name of this person?
    A. Philip Randolph
  7. In "Mobilization of Scientists" Roosevelt created a "group" to bring scientists into the war effort, this help the military in radar and sonar, DDT to fight insects and development of "miricle drus". What is the "Term" of this group?
  8. The OSRD were creating an Atomic Bomb. What was the name of the special Project that became the code name for research work that extended across the country?
    The Manhattan Project
  9. In the "Economic controls" Roosevelt created an Administration that fought inflations by freezing prices on most goods and the congress also rise income tax rates and extended the tax to millions of people who had never paid before. What is the name of this Administration?
  10. In the "Economic controls" the government needed to ensure that the armed forces received the sources they needed to win the war. The government decided which companies would convert from peacetime to wartime productions and allocated raw materials to key industries. What was the name the government put on this?
  11. The OPA set up a system. Under this system, households received ration books with coupons to be use for buying goods. What is the name of this system?
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